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Dong Medicine In the history, the Dong medicine has made undeniable contributions to the subsistence and growth of Dong Nationality. It was fact that local people’s life condition came to knowledge to ... Jul. 12, 2016
Spanning Time This innovative exhibition displays artworks by Yao Lu, Wang Chuan and Miao Xiaochun of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing. Jul. 11, 2016
What Xibe People Specialise In It is well known that the Xibe people do excel at singing and dancing over the centuries, and they are especially adept at playing their musical instruments, the Dongbuer and the Maken ... Jun. 29, 2016
Festival of Westward Movement of Xibe Nationality As one of the most prominent traditional festival, the Westward Movement Festival is a day to commemorate the westward movement of their forefather who bade farewell to their hometown to guard border areas over 200 years ago. As it falls on 18th of the fo Jun. 21, 2016
History of the Xibe Ethnic Minority The Xibes believe they are the descendants of the ancient Xianbei people and there are many version of the origin of the Xibe ethnic minority. And Xianbei was a branch of the ancient Donghu ethnic group in northern ... Jun. 06, 2016
Born in 1980s This photography project is about the portraits of those born between 1980 and 1989 who study, work or live in Beijing. This is a rather special generation. May. 30, 2016
Traditional Festivals of Manchu Minority Traditional festivals of the Man are similar to those of the Han people. During the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, and Dragon Boat Festival and on Mid-Autumn Festival, distinctive sports like skating are included in the festivities of the Man people . May. 25, 2016
Traditional Custom of the Manchu People In traditional Manchu society, elders are everything. Ancestors and the elders of the village were accorded a high level of respect, and during festivals the people would have ancestor worship ceremonies ... May. 19, 2016
History of the Manchu Minority The earliest Nüchen, as the Manchu called themselves at the time, settled on the middle and lower reaches of the Heilong River and along the Wusuli and Songhua rivers in HeilongJiang Province, extending their ... May. 18, 2016
The Ten Most Beautiful Places in China Where to shoot in China? You might be conerned about the best place to go to show a different China. Here I list ten of the most beautiful places. May. 17, 2016
Lurigele Dance of the Daurs "Lurigele", which is a kind of representative folk dance in Daur. It differs in different places, and has different names such as "Ahanbo", "Langtudabei", "Hakumai" and "Hagenmaigele" ... May. 04, 2016
Cultural and Artistic Life for Daur The Daurs have a rich repertory of folk dances which they love to perform during festivals. Women participate in group singing and most women own a musical instrument called ... Apr. 28, 2016
The speech of Li Kun, mayor of Yichun, at the press conference The speech of Li Kun, mayor of Yichun, at the 1st Yichun International Nature & Eco Photography Week press conference. Apr. 20, 2016
Scenery Shot—Unrelated to Photography This exhibition is inseparable from photography, which combines artworks, artists, academic viewpoints and scenes. Apr. 05, 2016
Yichun Yichun, the greening rate of which is up to 83% has a nickname Lindu, literally "forest capital". It is a heaven of forest and an ideal place to visit during the National Day if you want to avoid the hustling and bustling crowd. Mar. 01, 2016
A PLAY IN A PLAY: Chen Nong Photography Exhibition This set of 16 images features the motif of the Silk Road overland and the Maritime Silk Road, covering related historical stories and myths. Feb. 29, 2016
Kunqu Opera Kunqu Opera, also known as Kunju or Kun opera was founded before Ming Dynasty in Kunshan, It is held in great respect and is regarded as the sister opera of Beijing Opera and it's one of the oldest forms of opera still existing in China. Feb. 26, 2016
Bouyei Singing And Dancing Living an earnest life in harmony with nature, the Bouyei possesses a rich fool literature, including fairy tales, fables, folk songs, proverbs and poems ... Feb. 24, 2016
Yangliuqing folklore performances on the sixteenth day of the first lunar month ​It was the sixteenth day of the first lunar month yesterday and the Festival was celebrated in strong atmosphere of folk culture, participated by many photography enthusiasts, who were attracted by the locally-distinctive folklore performances. Feb. 24, 2016
Custom of the Bouyei People The Bouyei people are famous for very hospitality and being friendly to every customer. They always entertain the guests with the wine home-made. Feb. 01, 2016
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