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Off-ground: Denis Darzacq Solo Exhibition The exhibition focuses on the works of the series ”Hyper“ which follows his personal exhibition of the series ”La chute“ that we had organized last year in Shanghai Collected by the Pompidou Art Centre, the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie (MEP), etc. May. 26, 2017
The Hulunbeir Grassland, Inner Mongolia Being a well-preserved grassland in China, Hulunbuir Grassland is one of the three famous grasslands in the world, known as "The beautiful world garden". May. 11, 2017
Culture And Art of Kirgiz Nationality The Kirgiz are renowned singers and dancers. The songs with rich content include lyrics, epics and folk songs. The folk songs and ballads they dance to are richly lyrical, expressing joy, sorrow, injustice ... May. 08, 2017
Brief History of Kirgiz Minority The forefathers of the Kirgiz lived on the upper reaches of the Yenisey River. In the mid-sixth century A.D., the Kirgiz tribe was under the rule of the Turkic Khanate. After the Tang Dynasty ... Apr. 21, 2017
Kazakh Herdsmen in Altay In April of 1991, I was taking an interview with a team experts of hydropower in Altay of Xinjiang.The purpose of why the experts came here was to research the China’s Ertix Riverand and the inland river ... Mar. 28, 2017
About Ethnic Zhuang Minority (Heiyizhuang) II The Heiyizhuang nationality also keeps the peculiar funeral customs.They thought there will be three souls after death. One will go up to heaven, one will go back to their ancestors’ graveyard and ... Mar. 15, 2017
News Photography and Me I have been photographing for 30 years,to me,a good beginning is half done. The more advanced and automatic device you have makes your photography easier. To tell the truth ,the device have helped us ... Mar. 15, 2017
The Song of Flowers Mar. 09, 2017
Kang Taisen's Comments on Work IV The essence of this picture lies in the composition. The photographer presented the scene of the tourists by the Haihe River. It would have ... Mar. 07, 2017
The Lofty Taihang Mountain In early April,2008, I was invited to Zhengzhou to attend a photographic activity and this was my first time to Henan. The leaders of photographers’ association in Henan warmly invited me to ... Mar. 06, 2017
"Zhiyin Ten Scenes" of Caidian, Wuhan "Zhiyin Ten Scenes" of Caidian, Wuhan Mar. 02, 2017
A Shack School During my photo tour in Ethiopia in November, 2013, I was surprised that a tribe leader had 28 wives and thus wanted to take a picture of the whole family. I went to the tribe and found the 87-year-old leader. It turned out that his offspring were too man Mar. 01, 2017
How Much China Has Changed Since the 1980s Hong Kong photographer Alex Ng was always fascinated in traveling to the Chinese mainland. So as a college student majoring in journalism in the 1980s, he decided to take a few trips there and bring his camera along. Feb. 23, 2017
Safeguarding ‘Root' and ‘Soul' of Ancient Architecture - Interview with Su Min’an I As fruits of culture and thoughts, the art of architecture represents the cultural feature of a nation. Those ancient architectures, which have undergone the tide of time for centuries, have become ... Feb. 21, 2017
7 best places to celebrate Spring Festival in China In 2017, the Spring Festival (Chinese Lunar New Year) takes places on January 28 and as usual, lasts one week long. Are you looking for Chinese cities that produce the most genuine and festive atmosphere? Here are 7 recommended best places to celebrate Sp Jan. 26, 2017
Online spoof of Hollywood stars in China’s history TV series The Water Margin is one of the Four Great Classical novels of Chinese literature. The story is based on the bandit Song Jiang and his followers in the Song Dynasty in the twelfth century... Dec. 05, 2016
The Russian Culture and Influences in Harbin Harbin, which was originally a Manchu word meaning "a place for drying fishing nets", grew from a small fishing village settled around the Songhua River to become one of the largest cities in Northeast China and even the largest commercial center of ... Nov. 24, 2016
Photos of Halloween 2016 It’s that time of year again when we put on outrageous clothing and take candy from strangers. Nov. 01, 2016
Culture and Art of Uygur Ethnic Group The Uygur culture reflects its wisdom, literary and artistic talents. With a long and rich tradition, Uygur culture and art has flourished with a long period.Particularly, there is affluence of style and subject matter in ... Oct. 28, 2016
China welcomes the National Day holiday with colorful creativity People's Republic of China marks 66 years since it established with National Day celebrations today. Chinese flags have already been put up around the country by school and businesses as a sign of patriotism. Oct. 01, 2016
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