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There is beauty in commercial photography Most people tend to think of commercial photographers as those who are stylish and well-paid, and maybe weird as well. Yet is this stereotype the reality? Today we are proud to feature an all-new interview with Li Huizhao, an emerging commercial photograp Oct. 05, 2015
Thoughtful Images—Fu Wenjun’s Abstract Photography Exhibition Fu Wenjun’s conceptual photography, new absolute and essential component for the actual artistic overview, can be defined as an “historical conceptual synopsis”. Oct. 02, 2015
Below minus 30 ℃ Part 1 When you stand in the thick snow up to your waist and look around only to see a world of pure white, or huddle up on a sledge in an atmosphere temperature of below minus 30 ℃, you will only have one thing to say—this is Altay! Altay in winter has the powe Sep. 11, 2015
“Documentary - China” Group Exhibition This exhibition features documentary works by 11 photographers among whom are doyens in photography and young photographers as well. The exhibited works have witnessed the history of China’s footprints. Through those photos, we can see the general context Sep. 11, 2015
Traditional Dai Custom The Dai youth enjoy great freedom in finding love and the Dai lads can court Dai girls whom they love. If a lad and a lass are in love with each other, the parents of the Dai lad will ask a matchmaker to propose a marriage, which will usually meet no ... Aug. 11, 2015
In the Room This exhibition presents the final projects and recent works by the London College of Communication MA Photography 2014 graduates. It dialectically unfolds three pairs of phrases: visibility/invisibility, surface/content, and looking/overlooking. Jul. 27, 2015
The Lived Reality of Australia Caked in the mud of these forgotten places, these imitation objects serve as symbols of the past which the present is forgetting, and the future which the present is working towards. Jul. 24, 2015
A Node Glows in the Dark The winning image of the people category of 2014 National Geographic photo contest tells us something profound about the world we live in. It is layered and nuanced and invite the viewer to think. Jul. 20, 2015
China Pingyao International Photography Festival 2015 Being the longest and largest photography event in China, Pingyao International Photography Festival has gained great fame in both Chinese and international communities for its dedication to the development of photography. Jul. 17, 2015
Bao Kun's Views on Chinese Photography Bao Kun, a famous critic of contemporary photography, known as his sharp style of criticism.Now let us listen to his views on the current photographic problems.Journalist: Right now ... Jul. 14, 2015
Li Shufeng’s View on Photography Works The image is not life,it is only the notes of life. No matter what is inside, it needs to be reduced to a kind of status,an incident,a detail of relations or it would be meaningless shadow. Jul. 09, 2015
Recording the Magnificent and Miserable Time At the same time , i also went to Tibet, Yunnan province to take pictures. After a long time, i realized that all the pictures i had taken followed the same pattern. In 1988, Holland World News photography exhibition came into China for the first time a Jul. 08, 2015
Reflections 2015 Reflections are defining. They are capable of revealing so much about ourselves, an event or a moment in time. The likenesses that are mirrored sometimes reflect the true reality in this world. A reflection can also play a trick on the eyes and not necess Jul. 02, 2015
French Tales through Lens ​Julie de Waroquier is a self-taught 25-year-old French photographer who started photography in 2008. Her works feature a perfect combination of dream and reality which are inspired by her deep unconsciousness in dreams and tales. Jun. 18, 2015
The Bull Market Daily Life, first prize singles This photo was taken in a village of the Yi nationality in China by photographer Cai Shengxiang. It was this photo which had won first prize in the category of daily life by World Press Photo. Jun. 18, 2015
Requiem for a Girl's Dream Sydney Sie is a young talented photographer based in Taipei, who has shot a series of colorful and surreal photos. Her unique view about the world are reflected in these pictures which are often rife with gradient color... Jun. 16, 2015
Mythological and Emotional Water-colored Photography Aliza Razell is a Massachusetts-based visual artist, who has created a number of mesmerizing artworks by combining photography and watercolor painting in her series of self-portraits that feature vibrant strokes of color. Jun. 13, 2015
“Maritime Silk Route—Past and Present” Photography Exhibition Organizers: China Photographers Association Propaganda & Education Center of the State Oceanic Administration
Co-organizer: China Ocean Photographers Association
Deadline: August 31st, 2015
Jun. 11, 2015
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