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The Christmas Wish Project: Magical Photos Cheering Up Sick Children with Santa Claus Christmas is a joyful time, a time that people love to celebrate with family. However, there is not everyone having that blessing. Australian digital artist and photographer Karen Alsop has always paid more attention to ... Dec. 23, 2016
Wearing the urban landscapes You can dress for a night in the city, but not with the city itself. That’s the sole privilege of these cut-out illustrations with women whose dresses become whatever you hold them up against. You’d be surprised how streets and buildings make for amazing Dec. 13, 2016
LEGO everyday objects LEGO has been a popular medium for artists and designers. Michał Kulesza, a graphic designer from Poland, recently incorporated Lego blocks and everyday items into simple, yet attention grabbing food art. Nov. 11, 2016
Comprehensive History of Uygur Minority IV To preserve Russia's vested interest and maintain an equilibrium in influence with Britain in Central Asia, the Tsar, behind the back of the Qing Court, signed illegal commercial and trade treaties with ... Oct. 11, 2016
Weaving anime into reality It's almost impossible to tell which ones are photographs and which images are illustrations until you look at the finer details, where lies the majesty. Sep. 27, 2016
In Dreams: A Mythology of the Unseen Hardly through these watery spheres shall we perceive, with sighs, our ancestral heaven; at intervals even we shall cease altogether to behold it. By this disastrous sentence direct vision is ... Aug. 30, 2016
An In-depth Seminar at the Photography Festival On July 25th, a theoretic seminar themed on ecology photography was held at the Meeting Room 1218 of Lindu Hotel. Zhao Yingxin, president of China Photo Press, chaired the meeting. Aug. 01, 2016
Hai Bo Solo Exhibition This summer, Pace Hong Kong will present the first Hong Kong solo exhibition of important contemporary Chinese photographer Hai Bo. The exhibition will feature his classic works, known for uncovering the poetry in everyday scenes. Jul. 26, 2016
A New World? Seriously? ​This photo, which shows a woman sleeping in front of a tunnel painted with the 2016 Olympics’ slogan — “A New World” — has absolutely taken over Facebook in Brazil. Jul. 19, 2016
Expectations vs Reality: Hilarious baby photoshoot fails As the internet is full of super cute baby photos taken by professional photographers and many parents try to recreate these pictures with their own babies. Jul. 12, 2016
Spanning Time This innovative exhibition displays artworks by Yao Lu, Wang Chuan and Miao Xiaochun of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing. Jul. 11, 2016
Respiration—Wu Shunan’s Photography Exhibition The exhibition presents two series of photographic works including “Alone Whisper” and “Respiration” created by the artist in recent years. Jun. 08, 2016
Princess Cheeto of Ever-changing This is Princess Cheeto. That's her name.When her owner Hugo Martinez moved to New York from California, he did not know a single person, until Princess Cheeto came into his life. She has been a symbol for his new beginning and has truly helped him build Jun. 06, 2016
Born in 1980s This photography project is about the portraits of those born between 1980 and 1989 who study, work or live in Beijing. This is a rather special generation. May. 30, 2016
ECLIPES Pan Ke is a scholarly photographer who values both creative practice and theory research. His series work The Expedition (1985, worked with Hou Dengke) forced a conceptual transformation in Chinese news photography. May. 10, 2016
2015 International Photographer of the Year winners announced ​International Photographer of the Year (IPOTY) has just announced its winners for the 2015 Contest. IPOTY creates new opportunities to showcase the best photographic work and introduce leading talents to the world of contemporary photography. May. 03, 2016
Unbelievable photos showing that angle is everything All you need is a camera, some willing friends and an eye for obscure camera angles. Apr. 28, 2016
Still/Life - Contemporary Dutch Photography Foam presents with Still/Life Contemporary Dutch Photography a group exhibition containing work by Dutch photographers that refers to a classic genre: still life. Apr. 19, 2016
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