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Vedema: Harvesting the Most Original Beauty of Santorini With its fascinating coastlines, beautiful towns on the cliffs, ancient cities and reputation for the most beautiful sunset in the world, Santorini has undoubtedly become one of the most photographed places for ... Jul. 08, 2016
The Ten Most Beautiful Places in China Where to shoot in China? You might be conerned about the best place to go to show a different China. Here I list ten of the most beautiful places. May. 17, 2016
Muqam Art of Xinjiang Muqam Muqam, a highly comprehensive art form that combines singing, dancing and music playing, is widespread across 19 different countries and regions. May. 11, 2016
Retracing Our Steps: Photographing Former Residents Returning to Evacuated Homes Near Fukushima If you are living somewhere hot and peaceful now, can you imagine if everything you ever knew disappeared forever? Your home, your school, your office, cinema, hospital, 7-11 or Wal-Mart, all of which were gone and might never to be returned to again ... Mar. 25, 2016
Bouyei Singing And Dancing Living an earnest life in harmony with nature, the Bouyei possesses a rich fool literature, including fairy tales, fables, folk songs, proverbs and poems ... Feb. 24, 2016
Xitang Water Town The ancient town has always been like a changing folk tale of water town images: “houses on the river, bridges on the river, people on the bridges, boats under the bridges, stores on the bridge ends and reflections in water” through the generations. Jan. 08, 2016
Shanxi Hengshan Mountain (Beiyue) Boasting 108 peaks and spanning 150 kilometers, it has an average elevation of 2,016 meters. The Tianfeng Peak, the highest peak, is 2,190 meters above sea level, the highest among the Five Sacred Mountains. Dec. 31, 2015
Imperial Tombs of the Ming and Qing Dynasties The Imperial Tombs of the Ming and Qing Dynasties are masterpieces of human creative genius by reason of their organic integration into nature, and a unique testimony to the cultural and architectural traditions of the last two feudal dynasties (Ming and Nov. 24, 2015
The Water and Mountains in Guilin Captivate the World Guilin is famous in China as having the country's most picturesque city. There is the popular saying “Guilin shanshui jia tian xia”, which means Guilin’s mountain and water scenery is the best under heaven. Oct. 29, 2015
To all the teachers: Thank you Everyone remembers a good teacher, but how often do we thank those who teach for what they do? Today is the time to bring him or her some cheer. Sep. 10, 2015
The Great Wild Goose Pagoda and Daci’en Temple The Great Wild Goose Pagoda and Daci'en Temple played a vital role in the development of Chinese schools of Buddhism. Aug. 03, 2015
Dancing Culture There are a lot of dances among the Bais. All their festivals the people enjoy themselves singing and dancing. Chinese influence on the Bai is manifested also in their dances. The most popular dance among the Bai is the Lion Dance. Jul. 16, 2015
Miao Costume Miao costumes with unrivalled exquisiteness and rich cultural connotation, has long been famed as “the epic of Miao Nationality” or “the encyclopedia of Miao people”. Embroidery, silver ornaments and batik dying, three defining elements of Miao costumes. Jul. 01, 2015
Seeding Festival and Fresh Tasting Festival of Achang People The Seeding and Fresh Tasting festivals are both traditional feasts of Achang, which respectively fall on March 10 and August 15 on Chinese lunar calendar. On the festival, every family tidies up the ... Jun. 26, 2015
Zhijin Cave Jun. 26, 2015
Dai Temple, a Holy Place of Taoism Dai Temple locates in the south of Mount Tai and center of Tai’an City, also called Dongyue (mountain in the east) Temple, Taiyue (supreme mountain) Temple, and Daiyue (revered mountain) Temple. It is usually called Tai Temple generally. Jun. 18, 2015
Guizhou Six Days A photo tour in Guizhou covering Guiyang, Mount Fanjing, the Wood Ditch, County Zhenyuan,Xijiang Miao Village Jun. 15, 2015
Mount Tai Mount Tai is located in the north of Tai'an city, in the middle of Shandong province, China. It would be rather difficult to overestimate Mount Tai’s importance in the history and culture of China. It is said to be “Mountain number one in the world”. Jun. 15, 2015
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