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World Cup Images Sharing the Pain and Joy of Football Now that the heartache (unless being French supporters), is over for another four years, we can happily relax, sit back and enjoy this series by photographer Jane Stockdale. Watching the “World Cup” shares ... Jul. 20, 2018
PhotoIreland Foundation Projects 2018 PhotoIreland Foundation is dedicated to stimulating a critical dialogue around Photography in Ireland, and to internationally promoting the work of Irish-based artists. Jun. 15, 2018
Robin Yong's Other Specific Contributions on Photography As a freelance photographer, Robin Yong​ has truely received hundreds or say thousands awards on photography since last three years. This article is a whole list about his contribution about achievements ... Feb. 12, 2018
Six Years Endeavors to Build Miniature World Everyday One creative idea a day is not an easy thing for individuals, so as one magnificent picture a day for photographers. So how can you imagine there is a photographer having build numbers of miniature worlds since April 2011 everyday ... Dec. 29, 2017
Miniature Calendar: Creative Daily Life Scenes in the Miniature World Bigger doesn't always mean better, as Japanese artist and photographer Tatsuya Tanaka proves with these tiny dioramas that he makes for his ongoing project "Miniature ... Mar. 10, 2017
Friends of the Dead: Photos of the People Who Work in London's Graveyards Normally, “cemetery” or “graveyard” is the word or some pieces of memories that people do not want to mention or talk about since it is so hard to remember the scene when their deceased relatives or friends die ... Sep. 02, 2016
“Photography and Reality”—An in-depth interview with Joan Villaplana On 30th of March, a lecture themed on “Photography and Reality” was held at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, with Spainsh artist Joan Villaplana being the lecturer. Apr. 01, 2016
Chai Wan Fire Station: Daily Lives of Firemen Captured by Aerial Photography Chai Wan Fire Station was created at the Chai Wan Fire Station in Hong Kong, depicting the daily lives of firefighters who undertake a series of trainings and tasks in that little green patch ... Dec. 03, 2015
Open Call Hosted by: GuatePhoto Festival Territory: Worldwide - Theme: Open Eligibility: We accept proposals from all individual photographers or collectives of all nationalities. Entry Fee: $25 Jul. 27, 2015
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