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A Node Glows in the Dark The winning image of the people category of 2014 National Geographic photo contest tells us something profound about the world we live in. It is layered and nuanced and invite the viewer to think. Jul. 20, 2015
Call for Contributions to the 16th China International Photographic Art Exhibition The China 16th International Photographic Art Exhibition is inviting entries from photographic groups and photographers from all over the world. Jul. 17, 2015
Phubbing Age ​Don't you just hate it when someone snubs you by looking at their phone instead of paying attention? Jun. 30, 2015
Using Lenses to Record the Face of the Earth——An Interview with Zhao Conglin With the series of The Face of the Earth, Zhao Conglin won the title of “Canon Top Ten Professional Photographers 2014”. Though she has won many awards, she humbly said: “I am still a student on the way of photography and there is still a long way to go.” Jun. 15, 2015
Spread the Acupuncture This competition is targeting at all the TCM and acupuncture practitioners worldwide, acupuncture amateurs, artists, photographers, and photography-loves. Jun. 11, 2015
“Catching a fish, making a bowl of hometown’s taste”- Huang Shanming Huang Shanming, member of China Photographer Association, member of Guangxi Photographer Association, member of Guangxi Folk photography Association and member of Guangxi Press photography Association, won Bronze Prize with the work Charm of the Peaceful Mar. 12, 2015
An Interview of the Silver Prize Winner Yang Chao Yang Chao is a senior student in Handan College. His entry Upstairs and Downstairs won the Silver Prize of 2nd Global photography Mobile Photo Contest for its unique angle and outstanding photographic skills. Feb. 09, 2015
An Interview with Chen Shaoyu- the Bronze Prize winner of the 1st Mobile Photo Contest The other day, journalist of Global Photography made an interview with the winners of the 1st Mobile Photo Contest. Chen Shaoyu is one of the Bronze Prize winners. Jan. 12, 2015
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