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In Landscapes: Alternate States in Parallel Time The area that surrounds Athens is composed by certain antitheses: the vast urban surface meets with the countryside. Surrounded by the silence of centenarian olive groves, meadows, mountains and seas, the city today ... Nov. 28, 2019
Old Town of Lijiang is one of the last surviving ancient towns in China The Old Town of Lijiang, located in the Lijiang autonomous county of Yunnan province, is one of the last surviving ancient towns in China. The architecture of the Old Town of Lijiang is noteworthy for the... Apr. 04, 2018
The Last Families Living in Tunisia's Underground Houses Recently, Reuters photographer Zohra Bensemra spent time in the arid valleys of southern Tunisia's Djebel Dahar region, where local people have lived for centuries in underground houses, also known as ... Mar. 30, 2018
Photo Trip Along the Ancient Silk Road After proposing “The Belt and Road Initiative” by China in 2013, China has aimed to build trade and enhance mutual friendship connecting Asia with Europe and Africa on and beyond the ancient Silk Road routes.In the nineteenth century, a new type of traveller ventured onto the Silk Roads ... Dec. 14, 2017
The Tashkurgan Town: Where Most Ethnic Tajiks People Living Of the total Chinese Tajik population of over 26,000, more than half make their home in Tashkurgan (Taxkorgan) Town, the Capital of Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County, a District of Kashgar Prefecture ... Jun. 07, 2017
In Pictures: Winners of the World Press Photo competition 2017 ​Highlights from the collection of winning images in the 60th World Press Photo Contest, which were selected from 80,408 images made by 5,034 photographers from 125 different countries. Feb. 14, 2017
TIME BEFORE PRESENT: TEMPLES, FUNERALS AND A WEDDING It did survive that turmoil and moved on with shaky footing until April 25, 2015, when a 7.9 Richter scale earthquake hit. Thousands of lives were loss across the country that day, and more lives in neighboring countries. Many of the beautiful Unesco Worl Jan. 31, 2017
Architectural Style of Uygur Ethnic Minority As is often the case, Uygur people traditionally lived in mud brick houses, some of which were built around the Uzbek-style ... Nov. 14, 2016
Nadam Festival: The Grandest Fesitval for Mongolian Minority Basically, the most magnificent festival of the year for Mongolia nationality is the Nadam Festival and Fair, which has been held for centuries as a form of memorial celebration ... Sep. 14, 2016
Traditional Festivals of Manchu Minority Traditional festivals of the Man are similar to those of the Han people. During the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, and Dragon Boat Festival and on Mid-Autumn Festival, distinctive sports like skating are included in the festivities of the Man people . May. 25, 2016
Millions of Chinese around the world welcome in the Year Of Monkey It is the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year and the Year of the Monkey is being celebrated in style around the world. Locals and visitors alike have taken to the streets to greet the New Year. Feb. 08, 2016
Shiqiao Miao Village, a Heaven Close to the Sun Located in the outskirt of Danzhai County, Shiqiao Miao Village is a romantic retreat with magical healing power... Jul. 01, 2015
The Lusheng Festival of Miao People Lusheng Festival is also the grandest traditional festival celebrated by Miao people.It begins on the 16th day of the first lunar month, and climaxes on the 19th and 20th days.The festival features a lot of Miao ethnic activities, such as singing, bullfig Jul. 01, 2015
Recycled Memories in the Lost Photos Thomas Sauvin is a French photo collector who lives in Beijing. Recently, he opened a photography exhibition which showcased 20 years of Chinese history through the lost photos of ordinary people. Jun. 14, 2015
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