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Invitational Exhibition: “From Chang'an to Rome -- China-Italy College Photography Invitational Exhibition” Ⅱ Chang'an is one of the typical representatives of Chinese culture, and Rome is also an irreplaceable civilization highlands in the western world. Chang'an is "magnificent" and "majestic", and Rome is... Oct. 19, 2018
Primi Marriage and Wedding Customs Primi society has been traditionally organised into exogamous clans with marriages arranged by the parents occurring between cross-cousins and marriage within the clan is prohibited. However today there is great... Jun. 25, 2018
The Touching Beauty of Mothhood Around the World Five years ago, the intrepid Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc has been traveling to over 50 countries, engaging in a multi-year project to present the world’s women in one, massive photographic ... May. 11, 2018
Feral Children The feral child is one who has lived in isolation from human contact, often from a very young age. Therefore, the child grows up with little or no experience of human care, behavior or language ... Oct. 23, 2015
Name After the Mother The name system of the Blang people is peculiar. The Blangs in Xishuangbanna and Lancang have only given names, but no family names. Most of the men's names begin with Yan, and most of the women's names ... Aug. 03, 2015
Custom of Achang Minority Achang customs forbid the slaughter of any animal on the first day of the lunar New Year. Daily rituals also forbid men outside of the immediate family to enter a household within seven days after the birth of a child. Bedrooms in Achang dwellings are ... Jun. 26, 2015
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