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Traditional Art and Culture of Naxi People Naxi literature is rich in form and content. Besides works by Naxi scholars and writers, there is a repository of oral folk literature. "Genesis," "The Rich Steal Oxen," "Revenge" and "Song of Elopement" are characterized... Feb. 11, 2018
Intangible Cultural Heritage of Jino Ethnic Jinuo people are all adept at singing and dancing. The Sun drum is the most holy sacrificial vessel and instrument of the Jinuo people. Every year in December of the Chinese Lunar calendar, the Jinuo people... Dec. 26, 2017
Culture and Art of Hani People Hani People is noted for their abundant literature forms ranging from mythology, legend, poem, riddle to proverb among others. Mythologies and legends are the most ancient and numerous, mostly preserved in epics... Nov. 17, 2017
Original Ecological Culture of Lahu Minority The music and dances of the Lahu people have their unique styles and are permeated with life. There are many melodies and songs. Their dances, numbering about 40, are characterized by foot tapping and swinging to the... Oct. 19, 2017
Traditional Art and Culture of Wa Minority The Wa Ethnic Minority boasts rich and colorful literature, such as folklore, vivid myths, touching poems and legends. Famous myths include "Sigang Li", "ancestors of the human being", "the big snake is vomiting"... Sep. 07, 2017
Flourishing Literature and Art of Yi Ethnic Minority The literature and art of Yi ethnic minority are flourishing. The Yi people have created a great deal of historical and literary works written in the old Yi language and folk literary works handed down orally... Aug. 25, 2017
Drama - the 110th anniversary of Chinese drama Li Yan Photography Exhibition For those who love drama, 'Li Yan' is no stranger to the name, Meng Jinghui, Lai Shengchuan, Chen Jianbin, Guo Tao, Yuan Quan and so on or have been active in the stage of the dramatists have appeared in his lens. Aug. 22, 2017
Shuis Colorful Tradition of Oral Literature and Art The Shuis boast a colorful tradition of oral literature and art. Their literature includes poetry, legends, fairy tales and fables. Among the various forms, poetry, which consists of long narrative poems and... Aug. 01, 2017
An interview with Pier Luigi Dodi When you’re walking and you see something special in front of you get the mobile and share that picture with the world! Jul. 13, 2017
The home of traditional Chinese painting—Xiao County Xiao County, a subordinate county of Sujiao city, Anhui province, is located at the junction of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, and Anhui Province, and the north of Huaibei plain and the south of Huanghuaihai plain. It covers an area of 1,871 square kilometers with a total population of 1.4 million. May. 27, 2017
Culture And Art of Kirgiz Nationality The Kirgiz are renowned singers and dancers. The songs with rich content include lyrics, epics and folk songs. The folk songs and ballads they dance to are richly lyrical, expressing joy, sorrow, injustice ... May. 08, 2017
Online spoof of Hollywood stars in China’s history TV series The Water Margin is one of the Four Great Classical novels of Chinese literature. The story is based on the bandit Song Jiang and his followers in the Song Dynasty in the twelfth century... Dec. 05, 2016
Seventh China-Russia Cultural Fair Looms The northern city of Heihe and Russia’s Amur Oblast administrative centre, Blagoveshchensk, hosted the seventh China-Russia Cultural Fair in August 2016 ... Nov. 21, 2016
Culture and Art of Uygur Ethnic Group The Uygur culture reflects its wisdom, literary and artistic talents. With a long and rich tradition, Uygur culture and art has flourished with a long period.Particularly, there is affluence of style and subject matter in ... Oct. 28, 2016
Comprehensive History of Uygur Minority II Uygur means "unity" or "alliance." The origin of the ethnic group can be traced back to the Dingling nomads in northern and northwestern China and in areas south of Lake Baikal and between the Irtish River ... Oct. 08, 2016
History of Mongolia in China Mongol was initially the name of a tribe roaming along the Erguna River. In the 7th century, the Mongols moved to the grasslands of western Mongolia, and then settled in the upper reaches of the Onon, Kerulen, Tula rivers and areas east of the Kentey Moun Sep. 06, 2016
2016 Datong International Natural Ecology Photography Exhibition The exhibition will feature a 2.5 km exhibition line, demonstrating works of more than 300 Chinese photographers and 300 foreign photographers. Audience may have a closer look at the spectacular photographs, as well as direct contact with several famous p Sep. 06, 2016
Culture and Art in Oroqens' Lives Like many ethnic minority groups, the Oroqens are also creative in oral literature and musical performances. They have passed on legends, fables, proverbs, riddles, fair tales, and ballads based on historical events, hunting life and customs ... Aug. 04, 2016
The 1st Session of Yichun Natural Ecology International Photography Festival ends last week The 1st Session of Yichun Natural Ecology International Photography Festival has come to an end. Over 30 photographers from all over the world have showcased their photographic works on life and nature at the exhibition. Aug. 03, 2016
Hai Bo Solo Exhibition This summer, Pace Hong Kong will present the first Hong Kong solo exhibition of important contemporary Chinese photographer Hai Bo. The exhibition will feature his classic works, known for uncovering the poetry in everyday scenes. Jul. 26, 2016
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