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CEWE Photography Competition The main prize is the CEWE Photo Award plus a trip of your choice, as well as photography equipment worth 5,000 euros and CEWE photography products worth a total of 1,500 euros. Apr. 18, 2017
What Does Our Planet Look Like From the Space Undoubtedly, there is never lack of tentative and intrepid exploration on the world, the Earth and even out of our planet. The science of astrobiology also attempts to answer some of the big ... Apr. 14, 2017
My Own Path: Brief Story about Photographer Jakub Polomski Jakub Polomski is a Polish photographer, specialising in landscape and travel photography. Now he can say he is a professional photographer, and makes his living on landscape photography. However, it ... Apr. 14, 2017
Monochrome Photography Awards 2017 Monochrome Photography Awards conducts an annual competition for professional and amateur photographers. Our mission is to celebrate monochrome visions and discover the most amazing photographers from around the world. Apr. 13, 2017
My Thinkings Success or failure, right or wrong - they do not seem to matter so much Once your back is turned.But the green mountains will be there still, And the setting sun glows as each day ... Apr. 05, 2017
One Day on Mars With passion on photographing nightscapes, Ukrainian travel photographer Yevhen Samuchenko has shot the project “One Day on Mars” for two years, capturing natural light of the moon and ... Apr. 01, 2017
Eyes on the Photography Photography is the process of creating a painting, only that the bush and dye is taken place by light and shadow. It also needs to combine one’s feelings with the environment and project one's ... Mar. 31, 2017
Interview of Li Chuyi In recent years, I has been transformed from a professional advertising photographer to a businesswoman in air travel industry. In spite of this, photography is my life-long pursuit. From March ... Mar. 31, 2017
Looking Back on Gu Yong's Photographic Awards Gu Yong, a renowned photographer in China, has won international photography awards for many times. Although enjoying high reputation in the field of photography, he still participates in many international ... Mar. 29, 2017
Yevhen Samuchenko: Capturing whatever I think is beautiful Yevhen Samuchenko, based in Odessa Ukraine, has recently been selected as a runner-up of our ‘Global Photography International Photo Contest 2016’ for his stunning image entitled ‘Dialogue’. Mar. 27, 2017
Abstract aerial photographs of Southern Africa Photographer Zack Seckler's latest series took him 2,000 miles through South Africa, each piece shot from the passenger seat of a two-seater sport plane. Mar. 23, 2017
Seeking Poetry in Romantic Themes For photography lovers, romantic themes are their best choices. In various romantic themes, poetry is the soul which determines the quality of a photo. In turn, if a photo is lack of poetry, it can not be ... Mar. 23, 2017
Time-stacked photos look like impressionist paintings When looking at the images made by Canadian photographer Matt Molloy, one can’t help but think the painterly effect is born of brushstrokes. Mar. 17, 2017
Istanbul Inception: Warped Turkish Cityscapes by Aydin Büyüktas You know that mind-bending scene in the movie Inception in which the dream world is folding up on itself? While the turkish artist Aydın Büyüktaş gets inspired by it and sets his series ‘flatland’ in a surprising context that defies the laws of physical existence. Mar. 14, 2017
The Earth Is Calling This series was taken at Kuitun Gorge, Xinjiang autonomous prefecture. Hundreds of thousands of years of erosion from rivers and wind form the platform today. I submerged myself into the mountains ... Mar. 09, 2017
Photographing the Moment Nowadays in China, photographers in the field of photography have a huge misunderstanding of capturing moments, especially the understanding of “decisive moment”. Many photographers take it ... Mar. 07, 2017
The Lofty Taihang Mountain In early April,2008, I was invited to Zhengzhou to attend a photographic activity and this was my first time to Henan. The leaders of photographers’ association in Henan warmly invited me to ... Mar. 06, 2017
The 5th Rape Flower Festival in Caidian kicks off ​The 5th Rape Flower Festival in Xiaosi Village, Caidian District of Wuhan kicked off on March 4th. Mar. 05, 2017
Memories of Hometown - Hangzhou's the West Lake Gu Yong is a very able photographer and many of his works have won prizes both in domestic and international competitions. He has been photographing fo more than 30 years and has involved in ... Mar. 03, 2017
Zhao Wei's Comments of Work III The work would be better if in the first place he includes obvious frame of reference on the ground for the viewers to know that it is a reflection, and in the second place he decreases the color of the grassland to weaken the disturbance of it. Mar. 01, 2017
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