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The Ghost Hotel: Once Star Hotel Lost in the Bali Island As evident in his mysterious photos of abandoned Disneyland park, French photographer Romain Vellion knows how to capture places that being reclaimed by nature. This time, he is fresh off a vacation to ... Jun. 16, 2017
Guardian readers' travel photography competition: May—in pictures ​Poignant portraits and wanderlusty landscapes are again to the fore in this month’s excellent selection. Jun. 08, 2017
Liu Fusheng wins in the International Prize Napoli Cultural Classic 2017 Liu Fusheng, president of Global Photography, has recently won in the International Prize Napoli Cultural Classic 2017, and has been invited to attend the award ceremony. Jun. 07, 2017
5 Most Beautiful, Little-known Tourist Attractions in China Hong village is not the only option to see the antique Hui style architecture. Stretched for ten miles, Chaji is a forgotten ancient dwelling with numerous old houses. The green hills and fields, the vine-ridden stone bridge and women who do the laundry by the river at the end of the ancient village construct a unique picture of the water village. Jun. 05, 2017
Deep in a Dream, Central Park During his mid 20s, Michael Massaia developed a terrible case of insomnia. In order to give himself a break from sitting around all night “staring at the walls,” he began to go on long walks. Jun. 01, 2017
Tahiti Tahiti is regarded as “the closest place to heaven”. Its subtropical climate makes it a favorable place for the growth of coconut, sugarcane, vanilla, and coffee beans. May. 27, 2017
Xishuangbanna Xishuangbanna is located in the southwest of Yunnan Province of China. It is called "Meng Bala Naxi" in ancient Dai language, meaning "an ideal and magical paradise". Being one of the China's hot tourist cities, it is famous for its magical tropical rain forest landscape and ethnic customs. May. 27, 2017
Photographers' Experience on the Frozen Beauty Victor Liu and some photographers had visited the Abraham Lake in Canada more than 20 times this year, because of being attracted by the magnificent beauty of nature and photographic scenery... May. 25, 2017
Pantone colors in natural landscapes and cities Italian graphic designer Andrea Antoni searches the world for Pantone colors, reminding us to embrace the colorful nature of our surroundings. May. 23, 2017
Creativity on Landscape Photography As an experienced and professional landscape photographer, Victor Liu has his own opinion and knack of taking this kind of photos. And the most vital one is photographer's creativity ... May. 10, 2017
Crush on the Magic Land Enjoying life and the world around him, Leszek Paradowski enchanted by the magical land where he lives. He constantly tries to document images that nature and ... May. 04, 2017
Experimental Nighttime Photography with Nexus and Pixel On a full moon night last year I carried a professional DSLR camera, a heavy lens and a tripod up to a hilltop in the Marin Headlands just north of San Francisco to take a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge and the lights of the city behind it. May. 02, 2017
Sony World Photo Awards 2017: Top 10 Winners Out of over 23,000 photos submitted from 180 countries, 10 winners were selected across the award’s professional categories. May. 02, 2017
Conference of promotion for the Sino-French Ecological City opens in Beijing The conference of promotion for the Sino-French Ecological City opened on April 27th in Beijing. Apr. 28, 2017
25 Movies Every Photographer / Cinematographer Must Watch (Part I) Everybody loves movies, this list is for all those Photo/Cinematographer readers out there! Apr. 27, 2017
20+ brilliant photographs that have hugely impressed us lately Sometimes, you see a photograph which summons a whole storm of emotions inside. Often this is down to a perfectly chosen angle or a shot taken at just the right moment. Apr. 24, 2017
Frederik Buyckx named Sony World Photography Awards 2017 Photographer of the Year The 2017 Sony World Photography Award winners have officially been announced, revealing some of the most awe-inspiring and technically beautiful imagery from around the world. Over 227,000 entries were submitted. Apr. 24, 2017
CEWE Photography Competition The main prize is the CEWE Photo Award plus a trip of your choice, as well as photography equipment worth 5,000 euros and CEWE photography products worth a total of 1,500 euros. Apr. 18, 2017
What Does Our Planet Look Like From the Space Undoubtedly, there is never lack of tentative and intrepid exploration on the world, the Earth and even out of our planet. The science of astrobiology also attempts to answer some of the big ... Apr. 14, 2017
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