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Philo and Pompon: Days of a little girl and her dog Philo lives in Paris with her French father and Korean mother, each running a ceramic shop and writes children's books, and also an adorable Japanese Shiba Inu (distinct spitz breeds of dog) , Pompon. Apr. 26, 2016
All Colors of the World: National Flags in Satellite Photos of the World Different from thatsval’s “Hidden Flags in the Street of Hong Kong”, Italian landscape photographer and advertising designer Max Serradifalco has composed a collection of world flags made up of natural landscapes ... Apr. 08, 2016
“The Revenant” cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki’s stunning photography In case you missed it, Emmanuel Lubezki (aka Chivo) has been posting his still photography on Instagram, wowing audiences around the world with his stunning images. Mar. 01, 2016
Daily Life of Secret and Ordinary North Korea Captured by iPhone For most people, some of fabulous photographs were created by chance and some of valuable photographs were unintentionally taken on the trip. Nonetheless, there is always a group of photographers who ... Feb. 26, 2016
Life Will Always Move On Sometimes when a plan or project was completed on time or overtime, your life needs to go on and on. Regardless of what kind of direction and outcome of the project, it is not necessary to consider it as a burden, but as an adventure ... Feb. 19, 2016
Beijing & Sydney: Two Girls' Lovely Double Life for 12 Years in 100 Days Fan Di and Dora Wang, two 26-year-old Chinese girls, have been best friend at their childhood. Although the distance rip them apart, their daily photos get them together in another way. 100 days' ... Feb. 05, 2016
Highlights from artist Tatsuya Tanaka’s daily miniature photo project Photographer and art director Tatsuya Tanaka has a fascination with all things tiny and has an uncanny ability to repurpose everyday objects as set pieces or tools for the inhabitants of his miniature world. Feb. 03, 2016
A Young Soul Defeated Depression Through Photographing Lovely Cats Childhood is so different for everyone but should be carefree and light and full of happiness on the whole. However, it did not happen on the Dutch girl Felicity Berkleef. Even though she was ... Dec. 30, 2015
Real-life Dr. Dolittle Irish photographer Allan Dixon has mastered the time-consuming art of wildlife photography, producing a good number of intimate selfies with some of the most animated creatures around. Dec. 28, 2015
City street colors These colored photos of an instagram photographer @abdullateaf0thmann show how people wrap the city in the colors of the rainbow. Thus we are reminded that there’s more to a city than just concrete, steel and beige stone. Dec. 18, 2015
Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a husband The life of an Instagram girl might seem stylish and elegant, but what about the one who is stuck taking pictures for her? Dec. 10, 2015
I’m Wally and you found me! If you’ve read Michael Handford's famous “Where's Wally?” picture books, you must be no stranger to the game of finding Wally and see how this portfolio makes sense. Nov. 05, 2015
The Youngest National Geographic Photographer: 5-year-old Hawkeye Huey This is photographer Hawkeye Huey. He is now 5 years old and National Geographic's youngest photographer. He was featured on Rolling Stone's Top 100 on Instagram. Oct. 23, 2015
Famous landmarks transformed with paper cutouts London-based photographer Rich McCor has turned the London Eye into a miniature bicycle, Big Ben into a wristwatch, St Pauls into a cherry-topped ice cream and the Trafalgar Square lions into playful kittens.And the 28-year-old does it all with nothing mo Oct. 22, 2015
Top 100 photographers on the web XXLPix recently released the results of the top 100 photographers on the web. US photographer Brandon Stanton, who is known for his Humans Of New York project, wins big time with WPI (Web Popularity Index) of 1,935.10. Oct. 19, 2015
Beauty of Norway as seen from a kayak Fjord is a funny word and a great sight. Norway is the fjord capital of the world, and you certainly do not have to convince Tomasz Furmanek of the beauty of Norway. Oct. 10, 2015
Irony about Instagram: Inside perfection vs outside truth Sorry to burst your Instagram bubble, but the photos you see on your friends’ social media accounts, flawless as they may seem, don’t necessarily depict a real-life scenario. Sep. 11, 2015
Set In The Street: Creating Sets from Discarded Furniture on NYC’s Streets Overnight on the sidewalks of New York City last early summer, an incredibly elaborate set that look like home interiors, including mid-century living room, the bathroom and children's ... Sep. 03, 2015
A new perspective on China Kevin Frayer and Frederic Dufour, two Beijing-based photographers, started an Instagram feed @eyesonchinaproject in June with the goal of giving viewers “one place to go to get a very broad look at this country (China).” Aug. 27, 2015
The Beijing bikini sparks a photo contest Foreigners in Beijing are hosting a photo exhibition of men showing off their bellies. Aug. 20, 2015
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