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Like an Ink Drawing - Capturing Fujian, China Tugo Cheng is an award-winning photographer based in Hong Kong. With his passion for travel and photography he has focused specifically on China for the past decade, discovering the hidden gems and natural wonders of the country. Oct. 04, 2016
Impossible is nothing! A glimpse of the “superhuman” athletes in the 2016 Paralympics ​Rio said farewell to the 2016 Paralympics on last Sunday, with more than 4,300 athletes representing 160 countries had competed in the game. Sep. 21, 2016
Top Fascinating Destinations in Mediterranean Porquerolles Bordering France and Port of Toulon, it is filled up with white beaches, panoramic Fjord, and amazing cliffs. It is worth seeking out for adventures. Aug. 17, 2016
An interview with Koot Marais at the Yichun Photography Festival Koot Marais FPSSA APSSA (Vers) has been actively involved in photography for over 30 years and holds four Associateships and a Fellowship from the Photographic Society of South Africa. Aug. 03, 2016
Winners announced: Px3 10th Anniversary Photography Competition The Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3) has announced the winners for its 10th Photo Contest. Photographer of the Year, Sergey Ponomarev covered the refugee crisis in Europe. Jul. 27, 2016
Hai Bo Solo Exhibition This summer, Pace Hong Kong will present the first Hong Kong solo exhibition of important contemporary Chinese photographer Hai Bo. The exhibition will feature his classic works, known for uncovering the poetry in everyday scenes. Jul. 26, 2016
Art is on Your Side: Gorgeous Lightpaninting Series of 'Macro Bubbles' When we are thinking about “Bubble”, the first thought maybe the transparent bubble in the bathtub with B.Duck toy or the white one in the basin with dishes... You would not believe that bubble can be so appealing like a work of art before ... Jul. 22, 2016
An escape to desolation and fantasy Art is undoubtedly one of the best ways to take journeys to the places of your fantasy and dreams, and this is exactly what creating photo manipulations is to Michal Karcz. May. 13, 2016
“Photography and Reality”—An in-depth interview with Joan Villaplana On 30th of March, a lecture themed on “Photography and Reality” was held at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, with Spainsh artist Joan Villaplana being the lecturer. Apr. 01, 2016
Love Has No Boundaries: Capturing the Meaning of Love in 100 World Kisses Ignacio Lehman, an unknown young man, who one day had an idea, initiative and great enthusiasm to embark on a photo project of kisses in different cities in the world. Without any plans but only with camera and notes, he captured the kisses ... Mar. 18, 2016
Gulangyu Island, the Most Romantic Destination in China Get away from the hustle and bustle of modern daily life to a beautiful tourist island, with wonderful sandy beaches, stunning views and a harmonious mood that will make you have a breath of fresh air. Jan. 06, 2016
Surreal worlds created with iPhone If you’ve never thought that an iPhone could be used to create amazing modern art, prepare to be proven wrong. Jan. 04, 2016
College teachers of photography gather at Global Photography On November 19th, several teachers of photography coming from colleges of Tianjin and Beijing gathered at Global Photography headquarters to exchange and discuss their ideas about the “University Union” column construction. Nov. 20, 2015
ZEISS Photography Award “Seeing Beyond” ZEISS Photography Award “Seeing Beyond” is now inviting photographers to submit work responding to a specific brief by 5th February 2016. Nov. 19, 2015
Never too late to start over This week we're proud to feature an interview with Hu Wanfeng, who is a Chinese 55-year-old photographer and a member of International Photography Association. He has been awarded a PSA China medal in the 4th Hoylake International Digital Exhibition 2015 Oct. 20, 2015
Walking, Photographing and Comprehending For the personal reason, Wang Ting had experienced numerous life styles in diverse countries. However, everytime he has different feeling about particular journey and specific thing that he saw ... Oct. 10, 2015
There is beauty in commercial photography Most people tend to think of commercial photographers as those who are stylish and well-paid, and maybe weird as well. Yet is this stereotype the reality? Today we are proud to feature an all-new interview with Li Huizhao, an emerging commercial photograp Oct. 05, 2015
Anna Anna is a seventeen-year-old girl of mixed blood. In front of the camera, her performance was very nature and attractive, filling with high plasticity and flexibility of being a model ... Sep. 08, 2015
Summer in My Heart The summer of this year, seems to be more to the earlier, and there is a sense of summer in the air. It made Yanzi think of a song named summer when taking photography ... Sep. 01, 2015
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