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Real or fake? Exploring life in Dubai Nick Hannes is the overall winner of the 2018 ZEISS Photography Award. His series, 'Garden of Delight', was chosen from nearly 90,000 entries by photographers from more than 140 countries. Apr. 12, 2018
New Orleans: the unique city in the United States There is no city in the world like New Orleans. Influences from Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and indigenous peoples have made it the ultimate melting pot. Feb. 28, 2018
Six Years Endeavors to Build Miniature World Everyday One creative idea a day is not an easy thing for individuals, so as one magnificent picture a day for photographers. So how can you imagine there is a photographer having build numbers of miniature worlds since April 2011 everyday ... Dec. 29, 2017
Interview Revealing How the Cinematic Scene Created from Lucas Dragone The starting point of this project was violence against women from physical to sub-til psychological. The project is done in collaboration with Braseap-Cap Info asbl, a non-profit training center ... Aug. 25, 2017
Iran- a Mythical Place What will it look like? Why do I want to go there? Where do I intend to visit in the country? An intoxicating place like Iran might inspire a bunch of these questions before you decide to go. Fortunately, Iran will never disappoint you. Here’s the delicate description of several top places for your Iran trip. Jul. 31, 2017
Sailing the world with Jody MacDonald Jody MacDonald is an award winning documentary and adventure sport photographer. For the last 8 years she has been the resident photographer on board a 60ft catamaran, which she co-created, on an expedition to sail to the wildest corners of the world. May. 23, 2017
Malaga - Paracosmic Houses: Houses Changing From Ancient Fishing Village Into Modern Tourism Site With the concern of urban sociology and social issues that encounters in geographical and personal environment, Austrian photographer Katharina Fitz, after finishing studies of photography ... May. 12, 2017
Creativity on Landscape Photography As an experienced and professional landscape photographer, Victor Liu has his own opinion and knack of taking this kind of photos. And the most vital one is photographer's creativity ... May. 10, 2017
What Does Our Planet Look Like From the Space Undoubtedly, there is never lack of tentative and intrepid exploration on the world, the Earth and even out of our planet. The science of astrobiology also attempts to answer some of the big ... Apr. 14, 2017
Interview of Li Chuyi In recent years, I has been transformed from a professional advertising photographer to a businesswoman in air travel industry. In spite of this, photography is my life-long pursuit. From March ... Mar. 31, 2017
The World of Two Wheels Where there are people ,there are bicycles in China.If you want to surprise someone,the best way is to tell them you are not able to ride a bike as if you came from the 19th century. The incident is that. Mar. 27, 2017
Practical Skills on Still Photography People say still photography is very mysterious, but everyone could master the skills once the secrets are exposed. Of course, it not only involves abundant imagination but also intensive ... Mar. 24, 2017
Preface to the First Circle Art Youth Award Album Art has achieved its independence from being regarded as craftsmanship to being regarded as true art. Art has been existed for about 10,000 years, ranging from classical art, modern art, post-modern ... Mar. 24, 2017
CGAP 11th Annual Photo Contest winners For 11 years, the annual CGAP Photo Contest has sought out original and striking images that demonstrate the impact of financial inclusion around the world. Mar. 23, 2017
Miniature Calendar: Creative Daily Life Scenes in the Miniature World Bigger doesn't always mean better, as Japanese artist and photographer Tatsuya Tanaka proves with these tiny dioramas that he makes for his ongoing project "Miniature ... Mar. 10, 2017
Salt Manufacturing in Tibet I once spent several months paying interviews in Tibet in 1985 and Yanjing was the first town in which I arrived. I had prepared the information very well about Yanjing, which was the first stop for ... Mar. 10, 2017
Pay Attention to Children The art of photography lies in the truth that the readers only know a little when we have talked more. A good work will make people fall into thoughts, but it cannot restrict our ideas. Mar. 03, 2017
Creativity of Human Body Photography Until now, human body photography has been developed for over 100 years. Many photographers have made a conclusion about this field. For the reason that human body photography in China started ... Feb. 28, 2017
Kang Taisen's Comments on Work I One skill commonly used in street photography is to form an interaction between the bill bards and the passersby. In this photo, the author wants to relate the pair of feet from the bill board to that of ... Feb. 22, 2017
Winners for the 2016 International Landscape Photographer of the Year Award The International Landscape Photographer of the Year Award celebrates all genres of and approaches to landscape photography, presenting 101 of the very best contemporary landscape images, submitted by photographers working all over the world. Jan. 12, 2017
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