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Kuoshi Festival "Kuoshi Festival", also called "Heshi Festival", celebrates the Lisu new year. "Kuoshi" is Lisu language, which means "the beginning of new year" or "the new year". It is the grandest traditional festival for... Jan. 15, 2018
Dogs and Snakes in the Lahu Spiritual and Daily Life Lahus have several myths that focus on the contributions of dogs to human life. In one of them, the ancestor of the Lahu was fed with the milk of a female dog (not unlike the she-wolf story of... Oct. 25, 2017
Solo Exhibition 'Oasis' Brings a Profound Thinking A watermelon flavored ice-cream in the hot summer heat? Your favorite line of poem sang by a jazz singer? Or a glimpse of the fleeting city night view when you're on the way home? Oct. 23, 2017
Rich Literary Tradition of Yugur People The Yugurs have a rich literary tradition handed down orally, such as legends, folk tales, proverbs and ballads. The folk songs feature uniquely simple yet graceful tunes, and vivid content. The people of the Yugur... Aug. 30, 2017
Exploring Edges of the World: Getting to Know Independent Photographer Xiao Gu It is hard to imagine the majestic and mind-blowing works came from this girl. Xiao Gu has won various international photography awards consecutively in 2017. Aug. 16, 2017
13 famous photographs that are actually fake Bright Side has found several brilliant examples of photography that caused a great deal of uproar around the world while being completely fake. Jun. 21, 2017
The Best photographs from Trierenberg Super Circuit Trierenberg Super Circuit was organized as an international standard of photography. The purpose of the contest is to identify the best photos in different styles, techniques, and genres. Apr. 27, 2017
NASA has made their massive media library available to the public Astrophotography enthusiasts and general lovers of stunning outer-space imagery, NASA’s done you a solid. They’ve made 140,000 images, sounds, and video in their media library available – and searchable – online. Apr. 21, 2017
What Does Our Planet Look Like From the Space Undoubtedly, there is never lack of tentative and intrepid exploration on the world, the Earth and even out of our planet. The science of astrobiology also attempts to answer some of the big ... Apr. 14, 2017
History of Ethnic Kazakh Minority in China There are many records on the origin of the Kazakh ethnic minority in Chinese history. In the more than 500 years since Zhang Qian of the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 25) went as a special envoy ... Jan. 19, 2017
Light in the Darkness Photographer Kevin Cooley isn’t afraid of the dark. In fact, he’s almost like a cat, using the cover of darkness as his opportunity to go out and hunt—for pictures. Nov. 23, 2016
These are 2016’s funniest animal photos With many photo contests shining a light on the most beautiful, fearsome and endangered aspects of the animal kingdom, an off beat photo contest is providing a little comic relief. Nov. 15, 2016
Chrysanthemum bloom in the Imperial Palace It’s high time we appreciate the chrysanthemum! Oct. 10, 2016
Vedema: Harvesting the Most Original Beauty of Santorini With its fascinating coastlines, beautiful towns on the cliffs, ancient cities and reputation for the most beautiful sunset in the world, Santorini has undoubtedly become one of the most photographed places for ... Jul. 08, 2016
Ask the Dust: Photo Collection of Abandoned Places Ever since Roman Veillon can remember, he has always been fascinated by derelict places because of a few childhood exploration as well as loved to go there and try to imagine what could have been their stories and ... Jun. 24, 2016
Guardian readers' travel photography competition: May—in pictures From the Yorkshire moors to a New Zealand glacier, landscapes dominate this month’s competition. Scroll to see the poignant winning shot, judged by Mick Ryan of Jun. 15, 2016
An escape to desolation and fantasy Art is undoubtedly one of the best ways to take journeys to the places of your fantasy and dreams, and this is exactly what creating photo manipulations is to Michal Karcz. May. 13, 2016
Anger over new “tourist tolls” for drivers taking scenic route The county government of Zhangbei has raised eyebrows for charging drivers traveling along a renowned highway in northern China, disguising the new toll as a “tourism entrance fee” to visit the grasslands along a road that has been hailed as China’s Route May. 12, 2016
Strong is The New Pretty: You are Worth of the Celebration "They don't need to be pretty and perfect or even compliant to be loved and accepted," said photographer Kate T. Parker, "We love them as they are, loud, dirty, competitive, silly, adventurous, athletic, happy ... Apr. 29, 2016
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