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Where to go in Romania As an East-European country with rich cultural heritages, Romania boasts a large number of natural resorts such as mineral spas, castles and medieval architectures. Here, I list some must-see places in Romania, hoping to offer perfect resources for your p Oct. 31, 2016
An impulsive yet romantic decision—quitting jobs to travel the world Are you expecting any changes to your normal life from a possible unbelievable journey? Will you give up the peaceful life for your global wanderlust? Oct. 11, 2016
Discover the Undiscovered Photographer Jakub Polomski and Radoslaw Biel have been traveling around Central Europe for more than a decade. Together or separately, they discover places, that are not filled with thousands of tourists ... Sep. 14, 2016
Arxan With the luxuriant natural resources and various nationality cultures, the region of Arxan borders China and Mongolia. About 13 nationalities live here and the mainly nationality is Mongolian. According to the geologists’ official inspections, this is the Aug. 03, 2016
An exploration in the ancient cities An exploration in the ancient cities: Sinkiang is the largest province in China. As a key region on the ancient Silk Road, it is a fertile area that plays an important role in the ancient cultural communication. Sinkiang is not only a tourist attraction Jul. 07, 2016
Nam-tso Lake Nam-tso Lake Nam-tso Lake is located in the mid-part of Tibet Autonomous Region. It belongs to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which was born in the orogenesis about 70 million years ago. The plate of Nam-tso region belongs to the Lahsa terrane。The base is ma Jul. 01, 2016
Ask the Dust: Photo Collection of Abandoned Places Ever since Roman Veillon can remember, he has always been fascinated by derelict places because of a few childhood exploration as well as loved to go there and try to imagine what could have been their stories and ... Jun. 24, 2016
Sony World Photography Awards 2016 winners revealed The Sony World Photography Awards 2016 winners have been announced.Below we’re sharing the Photographer of the Year winner and our favorites from the Professional categories. Apr. 25, 2016
Haunting Beauty of the 'End of the World' Being covered about a third of Argentina and nearly half of Chile, Patagonia is perhaps best known for being home to some of the most marvelous landscapes on the earth - it is dotted with endless grassy plains, long-forgotten roads and ... Apr. 25, 2016
Celebrating International Women's Day—10 Great Female Photographers (Part I) One of the ways to celebrate March 8th, the International Women’s Day, is to honor women in arts. Today they’re securing a more equal place on the contemporary art scene slowly but surely, and it goes without saying that women helped shape art history. Mar. 08, 2016
Exploration on photojournalism would never stop The Beijing News reporter Chen Jie has been awarded third prize in the General News singles category of the 59th World Press Photo competition for "Tianjin Explosion," an aerial shot portraying the destruction after an explosion in the city. Feb. 23, 2016
2nd International Folk Photography Festival Launched in Tianjin On Feburary 21st, the Second International Folk Photography Festival was held in Yangliuqing, a town in China famous for its history and culture. Feb. 22, 2016
National Geographic—A New Age of Exploration Shanghai World Finance Center Observatory is pleased to present an exhibition of National Geographic’s 100 excellent works in the past years, including some of the old photos about Shanghai in the 1930s. Jan. 12, 2016
Qiandao Lake: The Thousand Island Lake and Lost Underwater Lion City Qiandao Lake is noted for its verdurous mountains, crystal clear water, exotic caves and strange stones. For its clearness, and sometimes drinkable water, Qiandao Lake is used to produce the renowned Nongfu Spring brand of mineral water. Dec. 22, 2015
Never too late to start over This week we're proud to feature an interview with Hu Wanfeng, who is a Chinese 55-year-old photographer and a member of International Photography Association. He has been awarded a PSA China medal in the 4th Hoylake International Digital Exhibition 2015 Oct. 20, 2015
Danba, One of the Most Beautiful Counties in the World Danba serves as the east gate of Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It has a mixed charm of grandiosity and tranquility. Danba is known for its raw and sedate natural scenery. Oct. 14, 2015
Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor The palace is the largest complex discovered so far in the emperor's sprawling 22 square-mile (56 square-km) second-century BC mausoleum. The United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organisation (Unesco) declared the army a world heritage site Aug. 31, 2015
Breathtaking Flipped Iceberg in Antarctica Iceberg leaves a white and pure impression on most people, but actually, there is only 10% to 20% of entire iceberg floating on the sea, as far as we know. Alex Cornell went to Antarctica with ... Aug. 21, 2015
Fenghuang Ancient Town Fenghuang County is located at south Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture of Hunan province, China. It was built in Kangxi (Emperor of Qing Dynasty) forty-three years (1704), and has 300 years of history. Jul. 13, 2015
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