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​Thomas Ruff: Transforming Photography The exhibition provides an overview of the artist’s prodigious career, ranging from a seminal early series to two bodies of new work that were initiated in 2018, tripe and flower.s. Jun. 10, 2019
Blossfeldt's Apprentice - Modern Artist Recreating Master's Iconic Images with Handmade Objects (with Video Interview at the PIP Festival) Over 100 years ago, German artist Karl Blossfeldt (1920's) developed a series of homemade cameras that allowed him to photograph a plant's natural structure in unprecedented magnified details. It was ... Nov. 13, 2018
Pennsylvania College of Art & Design: 'All the World's a Stage' - Video Interview of PCA&D's Talents at PIP Festival The Photography Department at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design (PCA&D), located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, is committed to offering instruction in all facets of photography. We believe it is ... Oct. 16, 2018
Follow_Me: New narratives in contemporary photography, China-Switzerland Last year’s OCAT Shanghai witnessed 10 young photographers from China and Switzerland using the language of photography to build layers of overlapping narrations, and to discuss the similarities and differences between visual narratives and the impact of modern communication. May. 02, 2018
Vivo V9 smartphone packs a 24MP front-facing camera and AI selfie software Chinese phone manufacturer Vivo has launched a new flagship smartphone called the V9. This mid-tier model sports a design clearly inspired by the iPhone X, as well as one other very notable feature: a 24MP F2.0 front-facing camera. Mar. 30, 2018
Secrets of Egypt's tombs and temples Farther up the River Nile, the essential artery that blesses the otherwise barren sands of the Sahara with lush life, the tombs and temples of southern Egypt harbor their own complex riddles that lie in wait, ready to be unlocked. Mar. 21, 2018
The Space in Between: A Different World Through B/W Minimalistic View There is evidence to suggest that our world and everything in it-from snowflakes to maple trees to falling stars and spinning electrons-are also only ghostly images, projections from a level of ... Mar. 12, 2018
Red just launched a $1200 smartphone with a 5.7'' display Cinema camera maker Red has announced its first foray into the smartphone market with Hydrogen One, an Android device with a 5.7" display. That screen is the center of attention in the limited information Red has provided, emphasizing its ability to switch from a traditional 2D display to a 3D/VR/AR/holographic display thanks to 'nanotechnology.' Jul. 10, 2017
The Ninth Annual Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar for 2016 In most cases, December and January are kind of the holiday seasons from eastern countries to westerns, from Earth to the universe. Looking back on last year, do you recall any time of mind-blowing ... Jan. 06, 2017
History of the Nadam Festival The origins of the Naadam Festival go long way back into times primordial when horse was domesticated and first hunters learned how to ride them. Though the historical evidence is not available ... Sep. 18, 2016
Experiment: 12 Photographers were given 15 minutes, flowers, and a model in the same villa The flowers stylists and designers of FluidaDesign had an idea and challenged 12 photograohers to an experiment: they would each spend 15 minutes shooting a portrait of a model using the same room as the setting. Jan. 26, 2016
Black-and-White South Pole—Exhibition of Dai Jiancheng’s Photographic Works The Black-and-White South Pole photographic works exhibition features top works selected from Dai Jiancheng's published photographic albums. Nov. 13, 2015
Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian—a Very Significant Discovery In 1961, the site was listed as one of the First Key National Cultural Protection Units by the State Council. The site was inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987. Oct. 26, 2015
Koguryo Kingdom, a Vanished Ancient Civilization In 2004, the Capital Cities and Tombs of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom in China were added to the United Nations list of the World's Cultural and Natural Heritage. Oct. 13, 2015
Half Way Home On the Station: The Universe from Astronaut’s Point of View Since the evidence was found that there is aqueous water existing in the Mars, some people’s curiosity has been rekindled and increased on the Universe and Mars. Meanwhile, two space travelers ... Oct. 08, 2015
A Small Constellation of Photographic Evidence The exhibition asks questions about photographic representation, about duration, technology, history and those aspects of our world that are conditioned by our physical dependency and relationship to our planet, but allows our thoughts to travel forwards Jul. 29, 2015
The Great Wall: One of the New Seven World Wonders The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications made of stone, brick, tamped earth, wood, and other materials, generally built along an east-to-west line across the historical northern borders of China to protect the Chinese states and empires. Jul. 08, 2015
Miao Language and Script Miao language or Hmongic language, which belongs to the Miao-Yao group of the Sino-Tibetan phylum, has developed into three dialects: the dialect of western Hunan Province, the one of eastern Guizhou Province and the one of ChuanQianDian. Jul. 01, 2015
Gaza Burial Spot News, first prize singles This photo was taken in Gaza City, Palestinian Territories by Paul Hansen. In the photo, the bodies of two-year-old Suhaib Hijazi and his elder brother Muhammad, almost four, are carried by their uncles to a mosque for their funeral, in Gaza City. Jun. 18, 2015
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