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Never too late to start over This week we're proud to feature an interview with Hu Wanfeng, who is a Chinese 55-year-old photographer and a member of International Photography Association. He has been awarded a PSA China medal in the 4th Hoylake International Digital Exhibition 2015 Oct. 20, 2015
Walking, Photographing and Comprehending For the personal reason, Wang Ting had experienced numerous life styles in diverse countries. However, everytime he has different feeling about particular journey and specific thing that he saw ... Oct. 10, 2015
Autumn is in the air It's almost the most colorful time of the year! For all the rain and cold, autumn offers us some magnificent colors in the vibrant red and orange leaves. Sep. 17, 2015
Anna Anna is a seventeen-year-old girl of mixed blood. In front of the camera, her performance was very nature and attractive, filling with high plasticity and flexibility of being a model ... Sep. 08, 2015
Light in China Town ​Since decades ago, there has been a continuous wave of immigration from China to Thailand, especially Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Bangkok is the earliest area where Chinese immigrants ... Aug. 28, 2015
China gripped by stories of heroic firefighters during Tianjin explosions Salute to those heroes and prayers for their families! Aug. 14, 2015
Phodography with his furry friends Any true dog lover will tell us that a dog is more than a dog—he or she is a family member. Aug. 12, 2015
Blang Custom Blang are renowned as friendly people. The older women love to chew betel nut, which they spit out into the dirt in copious quantities. Betel nut stains their teeth black; this is considered a mark of beauty among the Blang. Jul. 31, 2015
Picking up inspiration everywhere It was one of those unexpected scenes that Michał Koralewski captured as he strolled through a market square in Warsaw and spotted an accordionist playing traditional Polish songs. Jul. 30, 2015
Reveal the True Beauty of Tears by Photography This is a series of micrographs, that shows the hidden beauty behind a tear. Tears are often seen as a weakness and therefore not always accepted in our daily life. However, a tear can also be a beautiful ... Jul. 16, 2015
Interview of Yan Zhixiong actually, photography is western idea and modern art. Can we demonstrate Chinese traditional beauty ideas with photography? any enlightenment to Chinese constructions? Jul. 12, 2015
Xijiang, the World’s Largest Miao Village Being the largest gathering place of the Miao in China and even the world,ten natural Miao ethnic villages exist in Xijiang Town... Jul. 02, 2015
Miao Language and Script Miao language or Hmongic language, which belongs to the Miao-Yao group of the Sino-Tibetan phylum, has developed into three dialects: the dialect of western Hunan Province, the one of eastern Guizhou Province and the one of ChuanQianDian. Jul. 01, 2015
Using Lenses to Record the Face of the Earth——An Interview with Zhao Conglin With the series of The Face of the Earth, Zhao Conglin won the title of “Canon Top Ten Professional Photographers 2014”. Though she has won many awards, she humbly said: “I am still a student on the way of photography and there is still a long way to go.” Jun. 15, 2015
Mythological and Emotional Water-colored Photography Aliza Razell is a Massachusetts-based visual artist, who has created a number of mesmerizing artworks by combining photography and watercolor painting in her series of self-portraits that feature vibrant strokes of color. Jun. 13, 2015
Respect for Life Emma has long been interested n animals and animal behaviors. Many people are impressed with her series, At Rest, where she created memorials for animals that had found... Jun. 11, 2015
Some Emotions be Co​mmon to Us This exhibition is a showcase of the young generations from China, Japan and South Korea with an average age of 30, who were born in the years of 1970s to 1990s. May. 30, 2015
The 11th CHIPP Opens for Entries The China International Press Photo Contest (CHIPP) is privileged to launch its 11th annual competition. Entries will be received from 23 December 2014 to 11 February 2015. The judging session will be held in March 2015. All the entrants are encouraged to Jan. 01, 2015
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