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Experimental Nighttime Photography with Nexus and Pixel On a full moon night last year I carried a professional DSLR camera, a heavy lens and a tripod up to a hilltop in the Marin Headlands just north of San Francisco to take a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge and the lights of the city behind it. May. 02, 2017
The Ninth Annual Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar for 2016 In most cases, December and January are kind of the holiday seasons from eastern countries to westerns, from Earth to the universe. Looking back on last year, do you recall any time of mind-blowing ... Jan. 06, 2017
The 2016 International Earth & Sky Photo Contest Winners Selected from images taken in 57 countries (during 2015-16), the winners of the 7th Earth & Sky Photo Contest highlight beauties of the night sky and its battle with light pollution. Jun. 16, 2016
A Small Constellation of Photographic Evidence The exhibition asks questions about photographic representation, about duration, technology, history and those aspects of our world that are conditioned by our physical dependency and relationship to our planet, but allows our thoughts to travel forwards Jul. 29, 2015
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