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Readers' travel photography competition: June – the winners This month’s images range from vibrant city streets to some of the world’s most beautiful wildernesses. Jul. 05, 2017
2017 iPhone Photography Award winners announced The winners of this year's 10th annual IPPAs are now announced. The winning works were selected from thousands of entries that poured in from over 140 countries around the world. Jun. 29, 2017
Tajik Monority's Social Development Since 1950 The Tajik people were mainly engaged in animal husbandry and farming, but productivity was very low, unable to provide enough animal by-products in exchange for grain, tea, cloth and other ... Jun. 15, 2017
The home of traditional Chinese painting—Xiao County Xiao County, a subordinate county of Sujiao city, Anhui province, is located at the junction of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, and Anhui Province, and the north of Huaibei plain and the south of Huanghuaihai plain. It covers an area of 1,871 square kilometers with a total population of 1.4 million. May. 27, 2017
Malaga - Paracosmic Houses: Houses Changing From Ancient Fishing Village Into Modern Tourism Site With the concern of urban sociology and social issues that encounters in geographical and personal environment, Austrian photographer Katharina Fitz, after finishing studies of photography ... May. 12, 2017
Traditional Custom of Kirgiz Minority Traditionally, the Kirgiz family is generally composed of three generations, with married sons living with their parents. Marriage used to be arranged by the parents, sometimes even before birth which was ... May. 04, 2017
Traditional Festivals Observances of Kirgiz Minority in China In the Kirgiz calendar, years follow the Han Chinese “Zodiac” animal designations, such years of the year of rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse etc. The appearance of the new moon marks the beginning of a month, 12 months form a year and 12 years is a cycle. At the beginning of ... May. 02, 2017
Daily Cuisine of Kirgiz Minority in China Kirgiz people make a living doing animal husbandry together with agriculture and livestock product processing, which has influenced their life ... Apr. 27, 2017
Guidelines for Festivals of Italy Travel to Italy is the dream of many people. Apart from the relics of ancient Roma and the enormous artworks from the enlightenment times, you might also want to dig elaborately into local life. For these people, experiencing a local festival is a good idea. Apr. 26, 2017
Deng Wei's Comments on Work 'Smile' The obvious differences between scene portrait and photostudio portrait lie in the settled and appropriate environment. This work reflects the living conditions of the local residents, the characteristics ... Apr. 01, 2017
Valley of a Thousand Hills: Skateboarding in Rural South Africa Travelling, even a solo trip, around the world is never short of stories, though the explorer is intrepid women. Female perspectives allow us to explore how travel changes and moves us, and look at the stories ... Mar. 17, 2017
About Ethnic Zhuang Minority (Heiyizhuang) II The Heiyizhuang nationality also keeps the peculiar funeral customs.They thought there will be three souls after death. One will go up to heaven, one will go back to their ancestors’ graveyard and ... Mar. 15, 2017
Breathing Space - Contemporary Art from Hong Kong Breathing Space: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong presents 11 local artists whose works look at the pressure of living in this city and make room for us to pause, reflect, respond and possibly challenge the world around us. Mar. 14, 2017
My Folk People Liangshan, officially the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, is an autonomous prefecture occupying much of the southern extremity of Sichuan province, China; its seat is Xichang. Liangshan has an .... Mar. 14, 2017
The Rural Male Teacher In the village of Shi Ping of Shanxi Province in 1988, there were two rooms with a dozen students of five grades and only one teacher,who was a young man, with an absolutely fashionable name, called ... Mar. 07, 2017
I Am a Typical Photographer Enthusiast IV In 1984, I was transferred to the culture center in former Chongwen district. At that time, I had won piles of awards then I asked Liu Jiarui to give me some good advice. Mar. 06, 2017
I Am a Typical Photographer Enthusiast III At that time, I worked in the factory in the daytime and learnt photography in a photography class at night. By the way, the classroom once was located in a cultural center, but right now it has become a ... Mar. 06, 2017
Zhao Wei's Comments of Work IV This is a picture which reflects the studying occasion of the students. In the picture, the expressions on these students’ faces are natural and the light is used appropriately. The only shortcoming is ... Mar. 05, 2017
Guo Jianshe, a Photographer Always on the Way When the news reached Guo Jianshe, he grabbed his camera and rushed to the Capital Airport immediately. When he arrived in Harbin, a great effort was taken to talk the army into transmit him to Jagdaqi by air. That’s not the end yet. An overnight train wa Mar. 04, 2017
I am a Typical Photography Enthusiast II When I retired from the army I was assigned to work in a factory. At that time, the factories were more popular than hospitals or education systems, because we could learn some practical skills there ... Mar. 04, 2017
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