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Enjoying pleasant moments in Dhaka To guide you on your way, here are some quick and easy day trips out of Dhaka, all offering a chance to get up close and personal with the fantastic heritage, culture and people of Bangladesh, while resting your senses from the chaos and din of Dhaka. May. 15, 2018
Google lens can now identify pet breeds, create pet photo books and compile pet movies Google first introduced Google Lens with the Pixel 2 smartphone. The feature uses Artificial Intelligence to power its visual recognition algorithms and provide information about whatever your smartphone's camera is pointed at, and recently it was made available on iOS devices and integrated in the Google Photos app.​ Apr. 16, 2018
Coming of Age: Forgotten Faces of a Greying Asia Over two and half years between 2009 and 2010, Singaporean photographic artist David Poey-Cher TAY traveled widely across Asia (including China, Vietnam, Brunei, Myanmar, Japan, Korea, Malaysia) with ... Jul. 19, 2017
7 unknown stories hiding behind famous photos Time flies irrevocably, yet photos taken years and years ago last forever. And what stories hide behind the shots that have long since become iconic? Jul. 19, 2017
13 famous photographs that are actually fake Bright Side has found several brilliant examples of photography that caused a great deal of uproar around the world while being completely fake. Jun. 21, 2017
The four best places to visit in Taiwan Taiwan is located on the continental shelf of the southeast coast of China, with the Pacific Ocean to the east and Fujian province to the west across the Taiwan Strait. From cities to towns, high mountains to seas, gorges to lakes, every place sends forth various flavors that deserve careful appreciation. In Taiwan, you can go to lots of places and visit in various ways. Considering the quality and the popularity of scenic spots and the real feedback from customers, I select some places among the numerous tourist attractions for your consideration when traveling in Taiwan. Jun. 16, 2017
Dignified portraits of stray cats While we are every day bombed on the Internet with photos of cute and cuddly pet cats, Gabrielius Khiterer, a 19-year-old photographer from Lithuania, noticed some different but nevertheless beautiful cats living on his street. Apr. 10, 2017
Coming Across Stray Cats on the Street in Istanbul Although working as a survey engineer in a public agency in Istanbul, Sami Uçan has always been pursing his adventure of photography, which was started in 2008, with an ever growing enthusiasm ... Apr. 01, 2017
Philosophy of Living is Like a Cat In the following photos, there are several old men who are practicing Zlata-Back Bending. Mar. 02, 2017
Cats posing like pin-up girls Over the decades, beautiful ’40s and ’50s glamor models and actresses have graced posters in beautiful clothing, and have inspired many contemporary art forms and people to recreate the sensual, luscious quality of Pin-up girls. Jan. 03, 2017
Why this award-winning photographer doesn’t want to make photography his profession Mumbai-based photographer and conversationalist Nayan Khanolkar has brought home the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award, which is considered "Oscars of wildlife photography". Dec. 28, 2016
It’s purrrfect! Yin and Yang cats living in harmony Throughout history, black and white cats have always been intriguing to people. Some think black cats bring bad luck, some think white cats are the ones you need to watch for, but the only truth is, they're completely opposite, yet perfectly complement ea Nov. 14, 2016
2015 International Photographer of the Year winners announced ​International Photographer of the Year (IPOTY) has just announced its winners for the 2015 Contest. IPOTY creates new opportunities to showcase the best photographic work and introduce leading talents to the world of contemporary photography. May. 03, 2016
Traditional Cuisines of Korean Ethnic Minority Korean Chinese cuisine is derived from traditional Chinese cuisine but has it been influenced by local ingredients in Korea. Due to ... Mar. 30, 2016
The cat with a private photographer Kristina is a famous Russian photographer that has awed the world with her photography of the Moscow Orthodox Christmas. This time, Kristina decided to show the world the beauty and an authoritative attitude of her little furry friend. Mar. 23, 2016
Winning images from the 2016 Underwater Photographer of the Year awards The winners of the 2016 Underwater photographer of the year Awards have now been announced. Italian photographer Davide Lopresti is the "Underwater Photographer of the Year 2016" for his stunning seahorse image titled “Gold”. Feb. 24, 2016
A Young Soul Defeated Depression Through Photographing Lovely Cats Childhood is so different for everyone but should be carefree and light and full of happiness on the whole. However, it did not happen on the Dutch girl Felicity Berkleef. Even though she was ... Dec. 30, 2015
I'm Still a Cat: Photography of Disabled Cats This project aims at reducing the border between the perception of able-bodied and disabled cats. In addition, Monika Malek still wishes to challenge the way that people used to think about ... Sep. 18, 2015
Custom of Achang Minority Achang customs forbid the slaughter of any animal on the first day of the lunar New Year. Daily rituals also forbid men outside of the immediate family to enter a household within seven days after the birth of a child. Bedrooms in Achang dwellings are ... Jun. 26, 2015
Ruin Rebirths in Photos After years, several resorts in Catskills of N.Y. had been rebonded and closed. Marisa Scheinfeld went back and started the photography for ... Jun. 23, 2015
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