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Set your street photography free—to include birds in your frame Street Photography can always be a confrontational art. The act of snapping that candid moment can be an offensive action to the subject. There are times when someone just doesn’t want to be photographed... Oct. 14, 2016
Where to go in this fall in China Sadly summer can’t be year round with us. When the fall makes its crisp arrival, it’s time to pack some fun! Enjoy being outdoors, this is what’s the good weather is for. Sep. 28, 2016
Winners announced for 2016 British Wildlife Photography Awards The winners have been announced for the 2016 British Wildlife Photography Awards, featuring the work of both amateur and professional photographers who have documented the beauty and diversity of British wildlife. Sep. 09, 2016
Olympic arenas lying desolate and abandoned The Olympics is supposed to stimulate growth and development, and arenas are supposed to last for a generation. They do last, but sometimes only as abandoned shells. Even the Winter Olympics of 2014 now seems a distant memory, with empty arenas left idle. Aug. 10, 2016
Culture and Art in Oroqens' Lives Like many ethnic minority groups, the Oroqens are also creative in oral literature and musical performances. They have passed on legends, fables, proverbs, riddles, fair tales, and ballads based on historical events, hunting life and customs ... Aug. 04, 2016
The 1st Session of Yichun Natural Ecology International Photography Festival ends last week The 1st Session of Yichun Natural Ecology International Photography Festival has come to an end. Over 30 photographers from all over the world have showcased their photographic works on life and nature at the exhibition. Aug. 03, 2016
Qinghai Lake Qinghai Lake: Qinghai Lake is the biggest inland lake in China which is surrounded by successive mountains. It is located in the northwest of Qinghai Province and around 130km far away from the city of Xining. Jul. 12, 2016
Best iPhone Photos of 2016 Selected from thousands of entries submitted by iPhone photographers from 139 countries around the world, the top four winners are joined by dozens more who received First, Second and Third prizes in 19 different categories. Jul. 12, 2016
Nam-tso Lake Nam-tso Lake Nam-tso Lake is located in the mid-part of Tibet Autonomous Region. It belongs to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which was born in the orogenesis about 70 million years ago. The plate of Nam-tso region belongs to the Lahsa terrane。The base is ma Jul. 01, 2016
HIPA Announces 10 Winners of its May Instagram Photo Contest ‘Birds’ The HIPA has announced the winners of its May Instagram Photo Contest, which was themed ‘Birds’. Jun. 07, 2016
Qizhuang: The Traditional Costume of Manchu Nationality Since Qizhuang (costumes of bannermen) were convenient for dressing and cost fewer materials, the Manchus replaced the complicated ancient blouses and skirts. This was the main reason that later generations easily accepted the dressing style of Qizhuang . May. 30, 2016
Creatives share artistic interpretations of Instagram’s new logo Instagram has launched a #myinstagramlogo event that allows artists to showcase their artistic talent by revamping the new Instagram logo. In response, creatives from across the globe are sharing their own artistic interpretations of the new symbol. May. 25, 2016
Audubon Photography Awards 2016 showcase diverse birds of North America Five photographers have triumphed over 1,700 competitors to be declared winners of the 2016 Audubon Photography Awards, the National Audubon Society’s seventh such contest. May. 16, 2016
Lurigele Dance of the Daurs "Lurigele", which is a kind of representative folk dance in Daur. It differs in different places, and has different names such as "Ahanbo", "Langtudabei", "Hakumai" and "Hagenmaigele" ... May. 04, 2016
The speech of Li Kun, mayor of Yichun, at the press conference The speech of Li Kun, mayor of Yichun, at the 1st Yichun International Nature & Eco Photography Week press conference. Apr. 20, 2016
2016 Sony World Photography Awards - Open Competition Winners ​The 2016 Sony World Photography Awards, the world’s biggest photography competition created by the World Photography Organisation, just announced the winners of its Open and Youth competitions. Mar. 29, 2016
6 things to expect at the Shanghai Tower The Shanghai Tower was finally officially completed at the weekend and is now in a 'final inspection phase' before it opens, although we are still waiting on the official opening date. But there is much to look forward to when the world's second tallest. Mar. 17, 2016
“The Revenant” cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki’s stunning photography In case you missed it, Emmanuel Lubezki (aka Chivo) has been posting his still photography on Instagram, wowing audiences around the world with his stunning images. Mar. 01, 2016
5 Tips for Travel Photography in China Is China one of your destinations to travel? If yes, the passage is more than useful for you to make preparations and take wonderful photos. Feb. 24, 2016
Candid moments of love between couples in public Love is a beautiful thing. Kisses stolen here and there, in public or in private—it is the simple moments of affection that warm our hearts. Feb. 24, 2016
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