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Award ceremony of 2017 “Sente·Antu Cup” International Photo Contest is approaching The award ceremony of the 2017 Global Photography “Sente·Antu Cup” International Photo Contest is about to take place in Antu County, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province, China, on January 26th, 2018. Jan. 19, 2018
Finalists announced for the 2017 “Sente·Antu” International Photo Contest ​The 2017 “Sente·Antu” International Photo Contest has announced its finalists now! Jan. 04, 2018
2017 Sente International Photo Contest judging begins ​Thank you for your interest in the 2017 Sente International Photo Contest and for sharing your best images with us. At this time, the contest submission period is closed. We have received more than 30,000 photos from 43 countries. Nov. 23, 2017
Signing ceremony of cooperation between Antu County and Global Photography ​On November 18th, a signing ceremony was held at the headquarters of the Global Photography in Tianjin, opening a new chapter for the cooperation between Global Photography and Antu. Nov. 17, 2017
Warm welcome to the beautiful Antu! Beautiful Antu will surely amaze the world. The hospitable Antu people welcome tourists from all over the world, as well as investors to seek common development. Oct. 14, 2017
Enjoying the greenery of nature: Drifting along the Dafeng River in Yichun Dafeng River is an ideal place for tourists to drift on rubber rafts in terms of water quality and scope for adventure, as well as its scenery of primeval forest, hunting grounds, a deer farm, and ancient temples and tombs. Jul. 07, 2016
Photo Pairs to See How China Has Changed over 100 Eventful Years Knowledge trains your brain and travel sometimes opens your mind. It happens all the time and happen to most people, including Dheera Venkatraman, a Ph.D. Student from MIT .... Apr. 15, 2016
Winter in Mongolia: Photo-Tour in the Frozen But Remarkably Stunning Country Winter in Mongolia has been long and harsh, with temperatures typically ranging from -20°C to -45°C degrees. Most tourists flock there in summer to enjoy the comfortable temperatures ... Dec. 09, 2015
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