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Social Transitions ​Looking at Social Transitions, the exhibition is a cultural encounter between German and Chinese artists, patronised by the German Consulate, the National Art Center, the Chengdu Photography Center, MR BIG International Art Center, et all. Apr. 20, 2018
Shaoxing Shaoxing has rich cultural heritage and the delicate beauty of the Jiangnan water town. Represented by the Wupeng boat, black felt hat and dried pickled mustard, the custom of Shaoxing presents unique and attractive local characteristics. Shaoxing is the birthplace of many celebrities throughout history, including the great calligrapher Wang Xizhi, the great litterateur Luxun, the great leader of China Zhou Enlai and so on. It is a place that is well worth visiting. Sep. 06, 2017
A glimpse into Apple’s design through 20 years Unexpectedly, Apple debuted aa new hardbound book chronicling 20 years of Apple’s design, from the 1998 iMac to the 2015 Apple Pencil, expressed through 450 photographs. Nov. 17, 2016
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