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West Lake Longjing Tea Nestled in green hills, Longjing Tea Village is located at the southwest West Lake. Because the village is enclosed by hills, the village owns about 533,333 square meters Longjing tea field on the hills. On the northwest village are Beigao Peak, Lion Peak and Tianzhu Peak. Jul. 13, 2018
The picturesque town in Switzerland IV Mürren – a former settlement of people from the Lötschen valley in the Valais, which still remains recognisable today from the design of the houses and the pronunciation of the Mürren dialect – is the highest, continually inhabited village settlement in the canton of Bern and lies on a terrace at 1650 metres, high above the Lauterbrunnen valley. Jul. 05, 2018
Strolling around the Brussels Brussels may not scream Speedos and sunscreen, but when the big ball in the sky is ablaze and the city’s thermometers are on the up, the Belgian capital has plenty of places to cool off. From sun-drenched terraces and rooftop parties to pop-up al fresco food events, here’s how to enjoy the sunshine in Brussels. May. 25, 2018
4 hotel rooms around the world with amazing views From Finland to New Zealand, here is a pick of some of the world’s most spectacular rooms with a view. May. 07, 2018
The Grenadines: an island for every traveler Long the domain of savvy sailors and fly-in millionaires, the spectacular Grenadines also offer plenty for the independent traveler – you don’t need your own boat to fully explore the magnificent archipelago. May. 03, 2018
Topkapı Palace Topkapı is the subject of more colorful stories than most of the world's museums put together. Libidinous sultans, ambitious courtiers, beautiful concubines and scheming eunuchs lived and worked here between the 15th and 19th centuries when it was the court of the Ottoman empire. Mar. 29, 2018
The Magnificent Borobudur Temple The world's largest Buddhist temple and one of Indonesia's biggest attractions is Unesco World Heritage–listed Borobudur Temple. Standing on a 118m by the 118m base, its six square terraces are topped by three circular ones, with four stairways leading up through carved gateways to the top. Viewed from the air, the structure resembles a colossal three-dimensional tantric mandala. Jan. 02, 2018
Mushroom Houses of Hani Minority The Hani people usually build their villages on the south slopes of the mountains. A village comprises from ten to as many as 400 households, which are related by blood ties... Nov. 21, 2017
Hani Terrace Culture Among the continuous stretch of Ailao Mountain, the Hanis have created thousands of rice terraces that climb upwards like green staircases or watery pools—depending on the season— along the slopes of mountains... Nov. 10, 2017
Yuanyang Terrace Located in the south of the Ailao Mountain in Yuanyang County, Yunnan province, the Yuanyang terrace is the masterpiece of the Hani people for generations. It was listed as a World Heritage site at the 37th session of the World Heritage Committee. This pastoral scenery “carved” by the Hani people for more than 1300 years should not be missed. Aug. 02, 2017
Long History of Shui Minority The Shuis are probably the descendants of the Luoyues, one of the early tribes that lived along China's southeastern coast before the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 24). They adopted their present name at... Jul. 31, 2017
Wuyuan County—China’s Most Beautiful Countryside Wuyuan County, located in the northeast of Jiangxi province and the north of Shangrao city, is one of the birthplaces of the Huizhou culture. Wuyuan county, whose beauty lies in its natural harmony, is praised as the “China’s Most Beautiful Countryside”. Here, each village is a painting and each step takes you to a view. The foggy mist, quaint folk houses, stone paths, bridges are surrounded by mountains and rivers, revealing the appeal of the Chinese ink painting. Jul. 26, 2017
Friends of the Dead: Photos of the People Who Work in London's Graveyards Normally, “cemetery” or “graveyard” is the word or some pieces of memories that people do not want to mention or talk about since it is so hard to remember the scene when their deceased relatives or friends die ... Sep. 02, 2016
Seda Monastery or Larong Wuming Buddhist Academy The world's largest active Tibetan Buddhist Academy/ School is Larong Wuming Buddhist Academy in Seda County, Ganzi Tibetan Prefecture, Sichuan Province. May. 19, 2016
The Ten Most Beautiful Places in China Where to shoot in China? You might be conerned about the best place to go to show a different China. Here I list ten of the most beautiful places. May. 17, 2016
2015 International Photographer of the Year winners announced ​International Photographer of the Year (IPOTY) has just announced its winners for the 2015 Contest. IPOTY creates new opportunities to showcase the best photographic work and introduce leading talents to the world of contemporary photography. May. 03, 2016
Weizhou Island, Oriental Hawaii Weizhou Island is the biggest as well as the youngest extinct volcano island in China.It is ranked by the China National Geography Magazine as One of the Top Ten Most Beautiful Islands in China, and regarded as “the Penglai Fairy Land of the South China S Jan. 14, 2016
Deadliest Hike in the World: Mount Hua, China Mount Hua is famous for natural vista of steep and narrow paths, precipitous crags and a high mountain range. Acclaimed as "the first steep mountain in the world", it has the most treacherous pathway which winds its way two thousand feet high to a narrow Oct. 20, 2015
Danba, One of the Most Beautiful Counties in the World Danba serves as the east gate of Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It has a mixed charm of grandiosity and tranquility. Danba is known for its raw and sedate natural scenery. Oct. 14, 2015
Chengde Mountain Resort, the Largest Existing Imperial Garden in the World The Resort and its temples and palaces have made Chengde a famous historical and cultural city, and one of China's leading scenic spots. The Chengde Mountain Resort and temples around it was listed in the Chronology of Recognition of World Heritage in Chi Oct. 09, 2015
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