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RPS “Hidden World” Winners 2017 ​This year's photography competition theme was The Hidden World. The Society would like to congratulate the winners and shortlisted photographers, who were celebrated at the Biology Week annual award ceremony. Oct. 25, 2017
Dietary Customs of Hui People The Hui people are widely distributed throughout China so their diets have developed differently. The Hui people who live in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region specially love wheaten food and they like to eat noodles... Aug. 21, 2017
US Navy and US Marine Corps have the best diving boards and swimming pools While there may not be a lot of downtime at sea, sailors and Marines make the most of their time off with 'swim calls.' May. 09, 2017
These rare color photos from the second world war are incredible A new book published by the Imperial War Museum features a rare collection of color photos from World War II, some of which haven’t been seen in over 70 years. From P-51D Mustangs and Flying Fortresses through to anti-aircraft spotters and flame hurling tanks, these images cast the war in a vibrant new light. Apr. 25, 2017
TIME BEFORE PRESENT: TEMPLES, FUNERALS AND A WEDDING It did survive that turmoil and moved on with shaky footing until April 25, 2015, when a 7.9 Richter scale earthquake hit. Thousands of lives were loss across the country that day, and more lives in neighboring countries. Many of the beautiful Unesco Worl Jan. 31, 2017
Religious Belief of Oroqen Being Shamanists or animists, the Oroqen people believe in the omnipresence of spirits - that many objects in nature carried powerful spirits. Revered were the God of the Sun, the Mountain God ... Jul. 28, 2016
Customs of Oroqen Minority The Oroqens are an honest and friendly people who always treat their guests well. People who lodge in an Oroqen home would often hear the housewife say to the husband early in the morning ... Jul. 26, 2016
International Images for Science 2016 The International Images for Science 2016, organized by Royal Photographic Society and supported by Siemens, is now open for entries. The exhibition is looking for the best pictures to celebrate the art of photographing science. Apr. 18, 2016
Custom of the Bouyei People The Bouyei people are famous for very hospitality and being friendly to every customer. They always entertain the guests with the wine home-made. Feb. 01, 2016
6th International Exhibition of Photography—Man and Work The exhibition is open to anyone.Deadline: Dec. 02, 2015
Dulong Custom Burying is the practice except in cases of death from serious disease when the corpses were cremated or disposed of in the rivers. Friends and relatives of the dead will attend the funeral with grain and wine to offer their condolences. Jul. 07, 2015
Miao Food Miao people live on rice(especially glutinous rice), and are obsessed with sour and spicy flavor. They cannot survive three days without eating a sour dish. Their cuisine menu spans a wide spectrum of choices including chicken, pork, beef and so on. Jul. 01, 2015
Custom of Achang Minority Achang customs forbid the slaughter of any animal on the first day of the lunar New Year. Daily rituals also forbid men outside of the immediate family to enter a household within seven days after the birth of a child. Bedrooms in Achang dwellings are ... Jun. 26, 2015
Ruin Rebirths in Photos After years, several resorts in Catskills of N.Y. had been rebonded and closed. Marisa Scheinfeld went back and started the photography for ... Jun. 23, 2015
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