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2016 Pingyao International Photography Festival Notice “Mind of the World, Sentiment for the Homeland” develops the theme of 2015 PIP Festival “Home·Dream”, and calls for universal understanding, emotion, and concern to the world, the nature, and humanity , transcending nations, cultures, and time. Jul. 18, 2016
Traditional Custom of Daur Minority People The Daur ethnic minority stress etiquette and custom. They respect their seniors and able men, like to help others, and are faithful and forthright. There are also some ... May. 03, 2016
Cultural and Artistic Life for Daur The Daurs have a rich repertory of folk dances which they love to perform during festivals. Women participate in group singing and most women own a musical instrument called ... Apr. 28, 2016
Winter in Mongolia: Photo-Tour in the Frozen But Remarkably Stunning Country Winter in Mongolia has been long and harsh, with temperatures typically ranging from -20°C to -45°C degrees. Most tourists flock there in summer to enjoy the comfortable temperatures ... Dec. 09, 2015
Pingyao International Photography Festival endows the ancient city with vitality The festival has welcomed more than 2000 photographers from all over the globe with their stunning works.The ancient city, becomes a hall of photographic arts where photographers and artists, as well as China and the rest of the world communicate. Sep. 23, 2015
Huanggang Dong Village:Guizhou's Best-Preserved Dong Village Situated in Shuangjiang Township, Liping County, Huanggang Dong Village boats not only pristine beauty, laidback countryside atmosphere but also the best-preserved lifestyle, customs, folk residences and festivals of Dong people in Guizhou. Aug. 11, 2015
China Pingyao International Photography Festival 2015 Being the longest and largest photography event in China, Pingyao International Photography Festival has gained great fame in both Chinese and international communities for its dedication to the development of photography. Jul. 17, 2015
Dong Bullfighting Festival Bullfighting can be the favorite pastime of Dong people. Jul. 07, 2015
Dong Costume The most ancient festival attire of Dong people is Xindi clothes, which is used during Guzang Festival or Reed-Pipe Dance Festival. The top is left side opening, long-sleeved gown, which goes well with dress decorated with white feather. Jul. 07, 2015
The Lusheng Festival of Miao People Lusheng Festival is also the grandest traditional festival celebrated by Miao people.It begins on the 16th day of the first lunar month, and climaxes on the 19th and 20th days.The festival features a lot of Miao ethnic activities, such as singing, bullfig Jul. 01, 2015
Miao Dragon Boat Festival On the 24th day of the fifth lunar month, Miao people along the Qingshui River in southeast Guizhou will celebrate their own Dragon Boat Festival for good harvest, agreeable weather, peaceful life and prosperous country. Jul. 01, 2015
The Ancient City of Pingyao: A Cultural Pilgrimage Pingyao is a small county (about 2km across) located in the centre of Shanxi Province at north China, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) south of Taiyuan, capital of the province.It boasts a history of over 2,700 years. Jun. 15, 2015
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