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13 famous photographs that are actually fake Bright Side has found several brilliant examples of photography that caused a great deal of uproar around the world while being completely fake. Jun. 21, 2017
The Ghost Hotel: Once Star Hotel Lost in the Bali Island As evident in his mysterious photos of abandoned Disneyland park, French photographer Romain Vellion knows how to capture places that being reclaimed by nature. This time, he is fresh off a vacation to ... Jun. 16, 2017
Tajik Monority's Social Development Since 1950 The Tajik people were mainly engaged in animal husbandry and farming, but productivity was very low, unable to provide enough animal by-products in exchange for grain, tea, cloth and other ... Jun. 15, 2017
Ethnic Tajik Minority's History The origin of the Tajik ethnic group can be traced to tribes speaking eastern Iranian who had settled in the eastern part of the Pamirs more than twenty centuries ago. In the 11th century, the nomadic Turkic tribes called ... Jun. 13, 2017
Global Photography’s visit to Cyprus for business talks Last month, at the invitation of Government of Cyprus, Liu Fusheng, president of Global Photography, together with Su Min’an, general editor of Global Photography, have visited Cyprus for business cooperation in promoting local tourism. Jun. 05, 2017
Xishuangbanna Xishuangbanna is located in the southwest of Yunnan Province of China. It is called "Meng Bala Naxi" in ancient Dai language, meaning "an ideal and magical paradise". Being one of the China's hot tourist cities, it is famous for its magical tropical rain forest landscape and ethnic customs. May. 27, 2017
Israel As "the promised land", it is Jews' spiritual home where they have to return to even after thousands of years of drift. At the same time, as the holy land of the three religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, it is a critical strategic point for rulers from Asia, Europe, and North Africa. May. 23, 2017
Culture And Art of Kirgiz Nationality The Kirgiz are renowned singers and dancers. The songs with rich content include lyrics, epics and folk songs. The folk songs and ballads they dance to are richly lyrical, expressing joy, sorrow, injustice ... May. 08, 2017
If art history icons were hipsters ​What if the Mona Lisa got tired of her old silk robes and decided to trade them in for a trendy jumpsuit? That's exactly the kind of scenario Japanese graphic designer Shusaku Takaoka specialises in bringing to life, and he does it with pure wit. May. 04, 2017
Past Socio-economic Conditions of Kirgiz Minority in China Before the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the Kirgiz derived their main revenue from livestock breeding, which was entirely at the mercy of nature. About 15 per cent of the population engaged ... Apr. 28, 2017
These rare color photos from the second world war are incredible A new book published by the Imperial War Museum features a rare collection of color photos from World War II, some of which haven’t been seen in over 70 years. From P-51D Mustangs and Flying Fortresses through to anti-aircraft spotters and flame hurling tanks, these images cast the war in a vibrant new light. Apr. 25, 2017
Brief History of Kirgiz Minority The forefathers of the Kirgiz lived on the upper reaches of the Yenisey River. In the mid-sixth century A.D., the Kirgiz tribe was under the rule of the Turkic Khanate. After the Tang Dynasty ... Apr. 21, 2017
Melania Trump framed – a history of first lady portraits Compared to the previous administration, President Donald Trump’s White House has been fairly anti-photography. But today, we get to see another official portrait from the Trump Administration: First Lady Melania Trump’s official White House portrait. Apr. 18, 2017
Coming Across Stray Cats on the Street in Istanbul Although working as a survey engineer in a public agency in Istanbul, Sami Uçan has always been pursing his adventure of photography, which was started in 2008, with an ever growing enthusiasm ... Apr. 01, 2017
The World of Two Wheels Where there are people ,there are bicycles in China.If you want to surprise someone,the best way is to tell them you are not able to ride a bike as if you came from the 19th century. The incident is that. Mar. 27, 2017
Carrying Stones to Embank the River The photo was shot in Hetian, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Prefecture during my project-shooting on Wuluwati Water Control Project in 1991. That was my third visit to Xinjiang, the previous two being ... Mar. 24, 2017
Preface to the First Circle Art Youth Award Album Art has achieved its independence from being regarded as craftsmanship to being regarded as true art. Art has been existed for about 10,000 years, ranging from classical art, modern art, post-modern ... Mar. 24, 2017
Paying A New Year's Call On the Chinese new year’s eve and the lunar new year, i was in Chen Jia Zhuang ,Hebei province and prepared to shoot the special subject of the farmers who got rid of poverty. This picture was shot on ... Mar. 24, 2017
Seeking Poetry in Romantic Themes For photography lovers, romantic themes are their best choices. In various romantic themes, poetry is the soul which determines the quality of a photo. In turn, if a photo is lack of poetry, it can not be ... Mar. 23, 2017
On the Etiquette Restaurant This way of publicity can only be “means of publicity” and has nothing to do with journalism. The clear difference is that one is force the idea to people while the other is being objective ... Mar. 22, 2017
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