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Jino Holy Wooden Drums The Jinos like singing and are good at improvising poems and setting them to music. At holiday gatherings, the young dance to songs sung by elders. Jino festivals often feature singing and dancing... Dec. 27, 2017
Intangible Cultural Heritage of Jino Ethnic Jinuo people are all adept at singing and dancing. The Sun drum is the most holy sacrificial vessel and instrument of the Jinuo people. Every year in December of the Chinese Lunar calendar, the Jinuo people... Dec. 26, 2017
The Wooden Drum of Wa Minority The Wa people regard the wooden drum as a divine tool that has exceptional power and is the symbol of existence and prosperity. They believe in many gods, of whom, Muyiji is a powerful god that creates all things... Sep. 07, 2017
Wa People Celebrating Pulling Wooden Drum Festival Pulling Wooden Drum Festival: The "Gerui" month of the Wa calendar, which is equivalent to December of the solar calendar, is the time for pulling the wooden drum. Unlike the popular leather drums, a wooden... Sep. 06, 2017
Eating Habits of Yi People In most Yi areas, corn, buckwheat, and potatoes are the staple food. Meat includes beef, pork, mutton, chicken and so on. They like cooking meat in large joints, and meats of dog, horse, snake, and frog are forbidden... Aug. 24, 2017
Yao People: Cherishing a Magnificent Culture Tradition The Yaos cherish a magnificent oral literary tradition. As mentioned above, singing forms an indispensable part of their life. When a group of people are opening up the wasteland, one or two selected persons stand... Aug. 17, 2017
Colorful Traditional Culture of Tibetan People Ⅱ Tibetan medicine has a long history. Doctors of this school of medicine pay great attention to practical skills. They diagnose illnesses by observation, auscultation, smelling, interrogation and pulse... Aug. 07, 2017
Shuis Colorful Tradition of Oral Literature and Art The Shuis boast a colorful tradition of oral literature and art. Their literature includes poetry, legends, fairy tales and fables. Among the various forms, poetry, which consists of long narrative poems and... Aug. 01, 2017
Important Shui Festivals The Suis have their own lunar calendar. It differs from the Chinese lunar calendar in that the eighth lunar month marks the end of a year and the ninth month marks the beginning of a new year. According... Jul. 31, 2017
About Ethnic Zhuang Minority (Heiyizhuang) I I still remembered it was the second day of the spring festival in 2003, I drove a car to Napo for the first time with several friends who loved photography. Half an hour later, we arrived in the Fenlitun ... Mar. 15, 2017
Colored Photos of Yesterday's Thanksgiving Day and Archival Ones from the Past Century Just past this year’s Thanksgiving Day, like previous traditions, people were formerly enjoyed of giving thanks to each other for the blessings of the harvest and preceding year, as well as expressing ... Nov. 25, 2016
Traditional Custom of Korean Minority People There are some aspects of Korean Minority differing from other minorities in dress, food, entertainment and culture. Particularly ... Apr. 12, 2016
Yangliuqing folklore performances on the sixteenth day of the first lunar month ​It was the sixteenth day of the first lunar month yesterday and the Festival was celebrated in strong atmosphere of folk culture, participated by many photography enthusiasts, who were attracted by the locally-distinctive folklore performances. Feb. 24, 2016
Food Culture of Bouyei People The Bouyei people dwell along nearby valleys and rivers, so they benefit from fertile land and mild climate. Their agriculture and forestry are advanced rice as their staple food; glutinous rice is the staple food. Feb. 17, 2016
Bouyei Spring Festival The Great Year festival is celebrated at the same time as the Chinese Spring Festival. The Bouyei people begin to be busy preparing for this festival in the last lunar month. Feb. 05, 2016
Huashan Culture Festival Celebrated by Zhuang People Huashan Culture, which mainly refers to the world famous rock and cliff mural painting, is a very precious treasure created by the Luoyue People. Jan. 04, 2016
Huashan Culture Festival Celebrated by Zhuang People Huashan Culture, which mainly refers to the world famous rock and cliff mural painting, is a very precious treasure created by the Luoyue People. It is mainly distributed along the two sides of Zuojiang River and its tributary Mingjiang River, covering a Dec. 25, 2015
Surfing on Singing Sound, Inner Mongolia, China Xiangshawan, literally "Resonant Sand Bay," is situated in the territory of Dalad Banner, Ordos. It is 50 kilometers from the city of Baotou in the north. It lies at the east section of Kubuqi Desert, China's seventh largest desert, and assumes a crescent Dec. 16, 2015
Zhuang Nationality Bronze Drum Custom The Bronze Drum Dance is one of the most widespread and influential of the ancient dnaces among Zhuang ethnic group. Zhuang people play bronze drums during major festivals and ceremonial rituals, such as the March 3rd annual festival and New Year celebrat Nov. 17, 2015
Qiang New Year Festival The Qiang New Year Festival, falling on the first day of the tenth lunar month, is an occasion for the Qiang people of China's Sichuan Province to offer thanks for prosperity and their harmonious lives. It is a UNESCO-Listed festival that the Qiang people Oct. 30, 2015
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