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New York Chinatown: Resurfacing 80's Chinatown Through Old Negatives If photograph is a time machine that takes you back; camera, then, is the creator that builds the scene where you back. What would come up with you while an old photographic series dating back ... Sep. 01, 2017
Red Lanterns Welcomes Chinese New Year of Rooster Around the World It is well known that Chinese people have left footprint around the world, and brought Chinese culture to every corner of the planet. As the most popular and significant traditional festival in ... Feb. 04, 2017
Festival activities during the Spring Festival holidays The week-long Spring Festival holiday has just ended, and Chinese people enjoyed it in a great variety of ways. Some were in cities for temple fairs, some went north for ice-and-snow festivals, and some headed south to hot-spring resorts. Feb. 16, 2016
Celebrating Chinese New Year outside China At the fourth day of 2016 Chinese New Year, the new year festival can almost be said to draw to a close. However, the celebrations are still on fire across China and around world, especially Asian Countries ... Feb. 11, 2016
Grandpa: A Memorial Photography Project from Anrong Xu The project of “Grandpa” is a living memory of a man whose journey entirely shaped Anrong Xu himself. Anrong Xu, a 25-year-old Chinese-American photographer based in New York City, has documented ... Oct. 16, 2015
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