Photo 365

Tokyo parrots: A curious and adventurous ‘hunting’ When Yoshinori Mizutani first moved to Tokyo and saw huge hordes of bright, greenish-yellow birds zipping past his house and jetting through the city’s sky, he says that he was scared and felt like he’d fallen into a scene from Hitchcock’s The Birds... Nov. 09, 2016
Being a parent is hard for everyone Being a parent is great, but sometimes it’s not as simple as it may seem — babies require constant attention and care. The same is true about baby animals. Nov. 02, 2016
Look down, and there is the colorful world Loes Heerink lived in Hanoi for nearly four years. While she was there, she would pass by vendors in the streets every day, which inspired her to capture them from a different perspective. Oct. 19, 2016
An impulsive yet romantic decision—quitting jobs to travel the world Are you expecting any changes to your normal life from a possible unbelievable journey? Will you give up the peaceful life for your global wanderlust? Oct. 11, 2016
Monster cartoons in everyday life Monsters are everywhere and they are invading the city. One of them eats the subway carriages, another is hiding in our garden... Sep. 26, 2016
Mailman who has an eye for lovely moments of daily life A Taiwan-based photographer, who goes by the nickname @rookie030, shares pieces of his daily routines on Instagram through his touching photos of Tainan landscapes. With these cozy shots, the photographer takes us on a tour through farmlands, courtyards, Sep. 19, 2016
Oh deer, where have all the people gone? Japanese photographer Yoko Ishii spent four years walking the streets of Nara and Miyajima Island capturing deer in what has become their native habitat. Her series ‘Beyond the Border’ is about Sika deer, which are considered a divine servant of the Kasug Sep. 12, 2016
Get your wanderlust renewed! Today, we’re going to see that there is no age limit to take amazing photos! Being only 16 years old, Jannik Obenhoff is already famous on the web, with more than 200k followers on Instagram. Sep. 07, 2016
A jungle mess turned into an oasis of color A great-grandfather has spent 16 painstaking years working on his beloved garden, which become a tourist attraction after it was transformed from a weed-ridden jungle into a beautiful oasis. Aug. 26, 2016
Artists celebrate the Olympics with a bunch of creative ideas For the 2016 Rio Olympics, though, artists are starting with something very different. Aug. 18, 2016
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