Candid moments of love between couples in public


Love is a beautiful thing. Kisses stolen here and there, in public or in private—it is the simple moments of affection that warm our hearts. Street photographer Mikael Theimer delves into this subject with his candid shots of “lovebirds caught right in the act.” Taken on the streets of Paris and Montreal, these spontaneous instances of shared emotion are part of an ongoing project titled Street Love, and are enough to inspire the romantic in any of us.

His simple monochromatic images focus on the people he encounters on the streets. His portraits explore the ability to connect his audience with one another around the world, by highlighting split seconds of genuine emotion and humanity that everyone can all relate to. "I just like seeing people in love, I find that beautiful and pure," he explains. "For a moment, nothing around them matters. I like to focus on the good within the human race. The more you see of it, the more you want to be a part it."

(All photographs by Mikael Theimer.)

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