Girls’ Generation


Huang Chutong is a 18-year-old Chinese photographer who started with photography at the age of 15 when she was a freshman in high school and had her first film camera. She is known for her soft, dreamy portraits of young girls balancing on that line between girlhood and womanhood.

She was quite into singing when she was a kid, and had once studied bel canto in China Conservatory of Music. Yet since her first camera came, she has devoted herself to photography. Her music teacher thought she was off the track of music, which both of them have quarreled over. In the end, she gave up on music for photography, because she thought she had bigger and better plans: plans involving a camera and imagination.

Girls in her works are fresh, youthful and sexy. She portrays them in a beautifully simple way that boasts both adolescence and maturity. She really knows how to create delicate and evocative compositions that say a lot without using too many elements. All photos are handled through skillful filtering. There tends to be something both dreamy and poignant in her works at times.

Scan through some of her works:

(All photographs by Huang Chutong)

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