Classic never goes out of style

Bridal portraits are always special. They capture the beauty and grace of a woman as she is embarking on the beginning of a wonderful new journey with her well groomed groom. Whether in color or black and white, they are destined to be impressive. But there is something distinctive and captivating about a black and white bridal portrait. With gorgeous grain or velvety blacks, there is just nothing quite like the tonality and impact of black and white imagery.

This photographer put a fun twist on this bridal portrait by making the flowers stand out in color.

All of the joy, anticipation, and love she feels throughout the day is visible in the imagery. B/W photography makes the bride’s skin look great and helps draw attention to her eyes and expression. Her portrait just becomes that much more timeless, to where you cannot help but to gaze a little longer.

(All photographs by Hou Bo.)

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