Into the dark

Your adventures do not stop when the sun goes down, and your photography should not have to, either.

We are used to viewing the world in broad daylight—seeing all of the objects and colors in the gleam of the sun. Yet night photography can record stunning scenes that have a dreamy sense, compared to their daytime counterparts. Shrouded in the still of the night, the seemingly familiar city will be removed from the hectic rhythm of our lives and become a lighted wonder.


The night sky is packed with awe-inspiring beauty. These nightscapes will give you sweet dreams tonight.

I am always amazed to see how beautifully-different our world is under the light of the moon and streetlamps. Long shutter makes the nicely lit bridges more photogenic; dreary skyscrapers light up like Christmas trees; water, the friend in night work, seeps up color, softens it and adds a charming glow to the images.



Once you begin with night photography, you will fall for it.

Night photography opens a brand new world to you, and I hope you will give it a try. Go put your coat on, take your camera and a tripod, and explore the exciting world of night photography!


(All photographs by Hou Bo.)

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