Life on water—A trip to Baiyangdian

The Baiyangdian Lake is a famous tourist attraction featuring its peaceful water scenes and vast lotus gardens. Famed as the "Bright Pearl" in northern China, it is composed of 143 shallow lakes in various shapes and sizes divided by reed mashes, channels and villages.

We took a trip there last weekend in a small group that traveled from Tianjin via bus. The stay at the lake resort was really enjoyable.

The peak season of traveling there is in summer, when lotuses are in full bloom. The splendid view makes it a nice resort to relieve summer heat.

We were constantly attracted by the idyllic sights along the water way, as we took a little boat and drifted down the reed marshes in the Baiyangdian Lake.

The scene of shuttling fishing boats is also impressive and unforgettable. The life of the people is inseparable from the life of the lake—through harvesting the fauna and flora of the lake, the locals make a living. As autumn approaches, the water will become cooler and crisper, and the locals will be busy catching fish and crabs.


Fishermen are busy fishing around the Baiyangdian Lake. The graceful and elegant lotuses swing in the wind, while mists and ripples stretch far into the distance.


Two fishermen paddle their boats on the Baiyangdian Lake. Sometimes low-flying birds can be seen.


A man is fishing along the lake side with a fisherman paddling in the distance. It is indeed a land of idyllic beauty.


A large boat takes on an excavator to clear up the sludge from the base of the lake.


The lake presents the uniquely beautiful sight of crisscrossed channels, lotus ponds and reed marshes.


When night falls, the Baiyangdian Lake becomes full of poetic grace. The lights of the houses on shores are ablaze with the shimmering water.

The lake impresses us in many aspects, including the beautiful and unique waterside appeal, all kinds of waterfowl flying and whistling above the water, and the rich aquatic products, including fish and shrimps. Above all, it’s worth adding Baiyangdian to the list of short getaways out of your busy life.

(All photographs by Hou Bo)

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