Phubbing Age

Don't you just hate it when someone snubs you by looking at their phone instead of paying attention?

Yes, it's undeniably rude to do that—and now that rudeness has a name. “Phubbing”, aka phone snubbing, happens in all kinds of social situations, especially among young people. They claim that it's a habit which they just can't help, and it's so prevalent that everybody does it.

In an age of information suffusion, we have programmed ourselves to think that every new message brings life-changing news. Yet it makes horrible sense to shrink each other into text messages and status updates. We are sort of “kidnapped” by mobile phones. Once having dinner with my friends, I tried to persuade them to leave their phones in the bag and not look at them, which for some of them is just not doable. They freak out when they don't have their phones.

Well, we shouldn’t blame technology for our shortcomings. Technology is here to help us, but we shouldn’t allow it to take over our lives. First, we acknowledge our shortcomings, and then it's time to bring back conversation for all those “phubbers” out there.

(All photographs by Niu Bo)

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