Cats posing like pin-up girls

Over the decades, beautiful ’40s and ’50s glamor models and actresses have graced posters in beautiful clothing, and have inspired many contemporary art forms and people to recreate the sensual, luscious quality of Pin-up girls.

Artist Rachael Aslett’s Pin-up girl-inspired online project has taken the Internet by storm, capturing an entirely different audience…The Tumblr blog ‘Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls’, put together by the folks at Australian clothing store Hurly-Burly, features a series of cats striking poses remarkably similar to those of the cheese cake pin-up models they’ve unknowingly emulated.

The premise is simple – find a picture of a beautiful pinup, and then find a picture of a cute cat that matches it (or the other way around).

Scroll further to see these incredible “cat Pin-up girls,” and let us know what you think of them in the comments below!

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