Then and now: Photographer tracks down strangers he shot 40 years ago

In the 1970s and 1980s, photographer Chris Porsz began shooting street portraits of strangers he met in his hometown of Peterborough in England: many eye-catching representatives of English youth fell into his line of sight: rebels, romantics, adventure-seekers.


Four decades later, Chris decided to track down the people he had photographed and to recreate the scenes from the original images with them in perfect detail. The ambitious project is titled Reunions.

Some of the subjects were easy to find, while others were almost impossible, requiring Porsz to play detective and follow obscure leads.

The project is a fascinating look at how life can take unexpected turn and show people change over the years of their life, from their older appearance to their drastically different tastes in clothes. Together, the photos represent a “fascinating collection of life stories and a valuable social record of a constantly changing city,” the project states.