It’s purrrfect! Yin and Yang cats living in harmony

Throughout history, black and white cats have always been intriguing to people. Some think black cats bring bad luck, some think white cats are the ones you need to watch for, but the only truth is, they're completely opposite, yet perfectly complement each other and these photos are the best proof of that.

Feel the beauty of the bright side and the power of the dark side in these lovely pictures.

#1 Staring

#2 True Love

#3 Neighbours

#4 These Beautiful Cats

#5 Purrrfect Yin And Yang

#6 Yin, Yang And Quack

#7 Sweet Cuddles

#8 He Is The Yin To Her Yang

#9 Adorable Sleeping Kittens

#10 Toki And Doug

#11 Yellow-Eyed Beauties

#12 Black And White

#13 A Baby Jaguar Cuddling With A Baby Panther

#14 One White Cat And One Black Cat

#15 Paradoxical Mirror

#16 Yin And Yang

#17 Yin-Yang Kitties

#18 My Kittens Being Positively Adorable

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