Transfer fantasies into reality with camera and photoshop

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Lillian Liu is a young artist. She tries to bring her own daydreams to life while merging two mediums.

She explained that “Realizing early on that I really don't have an affinity for realism, I've been developing my own photography editing style through a lot of trial and error. I like to mix in digital painting on top of my photographs, which results in (hopefully) a memorable look that reflects the fantasy art that I've grown up loving. I really enjoy letting my subjects see themselves as a work of art! I started seriously pursuing this hobby as of two years ago, and now it has bloomed into a dream”.

When talking about her plans for the future, she noted that “My goals for the future are to upgrade my ancient camera so I can finally take larger images, to reach a wider audience, to create a larger body of work, and to hopefully inspire people the same way that my favourite artists have inspired me. I curate and fund all of my shoots myself, and hope to meet more wonderful people that this endeavor has brought into my life! Full credits and a roster of my talented models, designers, makeup artists, hairstylists, and more can be found on my social media”.

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