The Special Bond between Fathers and Their Children

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"There is a special kind of feeling when I think of you, Dad... There's a place somewhere within my heart that only you can own."

I barely remember my dad. My twin sister and I were only 6 years old when we lost him. He was killed. I was too young to understand back then, still have a memory in my head of him laying in the grave, with his eyes closed. I had no tears or fears that day. Too young to understand that we lost him forever.

I don't remember his voice, or the look he had while looking at me, that time of my life is completely blank.

When I think of it now, I believe that the way I was raised without having a dad from such an early age, it made me look at things differently. I embrace fatherhood so much, cause I just never truly experienced it at its finest.

Father is so important in child's life. When I capture "Fatherhood" in my photography, I always think what does it feels like to have a dad? I try to incorporate love, the bond, the connection between father and a child. I can see their love through their eyes. Sometimes I see the fear, especially in new dad’s faces. But also I see the proudness and unconditional love.

Missing someone for all your life became just a part of me... and I hope that my children will never have to experience it.

So if you have a father, please hug him tighter, don't be afraid to say that you need them in your life or even cuddle if you have a chance, even if you are a grown-up person. Those memories are priceless.

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