Best Food of Changsha You Should Not Miss Changsha people’s passion for food and talent for making food are famous throughout China. The Changsha snack, featured by heavy oil and thick color, is known for its sour, spicy, fragrant and fresh flavor. It is said that one does not have to visit the scenic spots, but have to taste all the snacks when he comes to Changsha. Follow me to some introduce the representative Changsha snacks.
Encounter the most beautiful modern wedding of the Uyghur people. The modern Uyghur wedding has remained the distinctive tradition, although it has been simplified to some extent. Reading Nikah, a traditional ceremony, allows us to feel the special charm of the Uyghur people.
China's Kulangsu enters world heritage list as cultural site Kulangsu was put on the prestigious World Heritage List as a cultural site on July 8 by the 41th session of the World Heritage Committee. Up to now, China has boasted 52 world heritage sites.
Wanaka Wanaka, located in the Wanaka Lake, is a small town in the south island of New Zealand. It offers delicate cafe shops, family entertainments, and diverse expeditions. The busiest time of year is winter when ski amateurs from all over the world gather here. I’d like to list the must-see scenic spots and entertainments in Wanaka.
The four best places to visit in Taiwan Taiwan is located on the continental shelf of the southeast coast of China, with the Pacific Ocean to the east and Fujian province to the west across the Taiwan Strait. From cities to towns, high mountains to seas, gorges to lakes, every place sends forth various flavors that deserve careful appreciation. In Taiwan, you can go to lots of places and visit in various ways. Considering the quality and the popularity of scenic spots and the real feedback from customers, I select some places among the numerous tourist attractions for your consideration when traveling in Taiwan.
The home of traditional Chinese painting—Xiao County Xiao County, a subordinate county of Sujiao city, Anhui province, is located at the junction of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, and Anhui Province, and the north of Huaibei plain and the south of Huanghuaihai plain. It covers an area of 1,871 square kilometers with a total population of 1.4 million.
Istanbul Istanbul is the largest city and port of Turkey and the county’s industrial and commercial center as well as the main tourist attraction. Located in the Bosphorus, its control over the inflow and outflow of the Black Sea makes it a town of great military importance. And 98 percent of its population is Muslim.
Israel As "the promised land", it is Jews' spiritual home where they have to return to even after thousands of years of drift. At the same time, as the holy land of the three religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, it is a critical strategic point for rulers from Asia, Europe, and North Africa.
Guidelines for Festivals of Italy Travel to Italy is the dream of many people. Apart from the relics of ancient Roma and the enormous artworks from the enlightenment times, you might also want to dig elaborately into local life. For these people, experiencing a local festival is a good idea.
The revelry in the Western World ---- Christmas Day Christmas Day is coming with its joyful step. Are you ready to join a ceremonies party? It is a traditional festival in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ and had not spread throughout the Christian world until the middle of the fourth century. The festiv
Go for a scenic trip in Spain ( II ) I’d like to list the top 4 cities to go in this post. You’ll find different Spanish positions sites of interest in different regions when you get there. There They are good magnificent destinations for photographers to cram the camera with wonderful works
How much do you know about Spain Spain has a rugged and complex history which makes it a country with various cultures and customs. Be sure to go there during festivals so that you can join in the carnival of Spanish if you are interested in Spanish culture and it is indeed a wonderful d
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