Xiapu Xiapu, the city of twilight, is a legend on the riverside. Many photographers are attracted by the mudflats of Xiapu and the famous shooting place in Yangjia Stream. Xiapu’s long coastline, shallow sea, and fine mudflats provide not only the favorable natural condition for sea farming, but also the exceptional scenery for photographers.
The Famous Volcanic Spectacles in the World 1.Laki Volcano in the Iceland 2.The Kilauea Volcano of America 3.Sangay of Ecuador 4. Krakatoa of Indonesia
Yuanyang Terrace Located in the south of the Ailao Mountain in Yuanyang County, Yunnan province, the Yuanyang terrace is the masterpiece of the Hani people for generations. It was listed as a World Heritage site at the 37th session of the World Heritage Committee. This pastoral scenery “carved” by the Hani people for more than 1300 years should not be missed.
Shennongjia Shennongjia is located on the western border of the Hubei province, bordering Baokang County to the east and Wushan County to the west. Shennongjia gets its name from the Chinese ancestor, the Yan Emperor Shennong, who set up the ladder with woods here to gather herbs.
Xiaodong River Xiaodong River, the downstream of the Dongjiang River—the National 5A Scenic Spot, flows through Zixing city and eventually into the Yangtze River. It has become a hot shooting spot due to the discovery of its beautiful morning fog in recent years.
Namtso Located in the center of Tibet, Namtso is China’s second largest saltwater lake as well as the world’s highest lake. “Namtso” means “Heavenly Lake” in the Tibetan language. It has an elevation of 4718 meters above the sea level, measuring about 70 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide, with a total area of more than 1920 square kilometers.
The Summer Resort—Yesanpo When it comes to going out in summer, we can’t help but think of some words, such as “tanned”, “hot” and “black”. However, a voice in your heart may say “I want to go out to play”. Fortunately, there are some cool and funny places to visit in summer. I’d like to introduce a wonderful summer resort in North China —Yesanpo.
Five best places to see fireflies 1.The underground fluorescent lack in Yishui, Shangdong, China. 2.Tiantai Mountain of Sichuan, China 3.Ruili Scenic Area of Jiayi, Taiwan 4.Kuala Selangor of Malaysia 5. Te Anau Glowworm Caves
Soil forest of Yuanmou, Yunnan The Yuanmou County in Yunnan province is the world’s only place where once lived the early, middle and late dinosaurs in the Jurassic age. The fossils of the Yuanmou men dated back to 1.7 million years ago and the trace of fire were also discovered here. It is the hometown of the Orientals as well as the birthplace of the Chinese people.
Ili One can never know how large China is unless he comes to Xinjiang; One can never know how beautiful Xinjiang is unless he comes to Ili. Here, you are able to get close to nature with eyes and ears, and shoot the imperishable work of nature with cameras. You can immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape, in which your body and mind can get a complete relaxation.
China's Qinghai Hoh Xil enters world heritage list as natural site China's Hoh Xil was put on the prestigious World Heritage List as a natural site on July 7 by the 41th session of the World Heritage Committee that was held in Krakow, Poland. It has become the 51st Chinese site inscribed on the list as well as the largest natural heritage area of China.
Pamukkale Located in the Southwest of the Denizli, Pamukkale is a well-known spa resort. It not only boasts the natural hot springs with a history of thousands of years, but also has the peculiar cotton-like hills. This fabulous wonderland is a splendid work of nature. When people come here, they cannot help but sign: how does God create this wonderful palce?
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