Hongshi Mountain Resort

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Located in the Hongshi forest of Baihe Forestry Bureau in the hinterland of Changbai Mountain forest, the Hongshi Mountain Resort covers a total area of 2,823 hectares. It boasts dozens of scenic spots, including Dahualazi, Xiaohualazi, Fushou Mountain, Meiren Pine and so on.

With primitive vegetation and rich species, it is one of the best habitats for wild animals in the Changbai Mountain. It is Changbai Mountain’s famous resort, one of the ten resorts of Baihe. As a natural heritage, the Hongshi Mountain has the characteristics of both geological park and forest park. Its unique natural scenery is different from that of other sites in the Changbai Mountain. With over 95% forest coverage, it is rich in negative oxygen ions, known as the "green museum" and "natural oxygen bar". It is an ideal place for leisure and self-cultivation.

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