Russia's most spectacular ski resorts

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Those who want to try something different from a ski trip to Switzerland or Austria can always enjoy a breakfast with a view of Mount Elbrus (the highest peak in Russia), Caucasus hospitality or skiing on the exotic slopes of the Tian-Shan Mountains. There are more than 200 ski resorts in Russia.


The popularity of this place is derived primarily from its natural environment: Dombay is located in a gorgeous spot 65 kilometers from the Black Sea and 65 kilometers from the summit of Elbrus. There are roughly 20 kilometers of trails on Mussa-Achitara Mountain for all levels of experience. There are ungroomed areas for freestylers, but the majority of trails here are designed for a comfortable ride: moderate slopes, smooth reliefs, and a few hillocks. There is also the possibility for skiing down wild peaks, which you ascend using a helicopter (heli-skiing). There are five cable cars of different types: chair lift, gondola, and swing. Leisure activities at the resort are not limited to skiing and snowboarding: here you can ride a snowmobile, ATV, skate or paraglide.


Kirovsk is the oldest Russian ski center with four ski areas suiting a variety of tastes and abilities: “25 km,” “Big Wood,” “Aerial Kola-Sportsland” and “Khibiny Snow Park.” The last is for beginners and children and is located in the city center. The park has a good ski school and qualified instructors for everybody from beginners to experts. “Kola-Sportsland” in many respects is the main complex here. The total length of the route is about 30 kilometers and its conditions are almost perfect. Various types of lifts operate and there is night skiing with lights on two trails. There is a separate path for tubing and two jumps with heights of 50 and 70 meters for the truly adventurous. The ski resort “Big Wood” has a variety of routes, with an elevation range of 500 meters and slopes comprising 20 kilometers in length.

Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana is the fanciest address in Russian skiing. Four ski resorts are combined into a single skiing zone under one skipass. There is a snow park, and wide trails are available for beginners. There are jumps and places to free-ride with warm, moist air drifting in from the sea and heavy snowfalls for powdery trails. Many like to raise their self-esteem here by conquering a trail called, “Olympic male descent above 1600.”

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