Chinese Silk

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Silk is one of China's contributions to the world. China is the first country to manufacture and use silk. According to the legend, Lei Zu, wife of the Yellow Emperor, taught the ancient Chinese people the technique of sericulture.


How is Chinese silk made?

Chinese silk, as a high-grade textile, is obtained from silkworm pupa. Chinese people have had a long tradition of silkworm breeding and weaving. Hence the old saying goes that “Men do farm work and women engage in spinning and weaving”. when the silkworms are ready to go into the bushes to spin their cocoons, put the cocoons into the boiling water, and reel off the raw silk. Silk textile is finally made after a series of manufacturing operation, like tentering of weft, jacquard weaving, knitting, and weaving.

Natural silk

Origins and development

China is the first nation on earth to use mulberry silk, thus the ancient name of Seres. Archaeologists have found a 6000-year-old ivory cup with silkworm texture at the Hemudu Site in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province, and the oldest surviving silk productions including silk fabric pieces, silk ribbons and silk threads at Qianshanyang Site in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. Therefore, we can see that Chinese silk production began no later than the Neolithic Age.

Characteristics of Silk

1. Feeling of comfort. Real silk contains 100% natural silk, which can provide body feeling of comfort. Real silk is made from azelon, which has perfect biocompatibility with the body.

2. Good moisture absorption and moisture releasability. The –CHNH and -NH2 silk contained can absorb or release the moisture in the air. The similar hydrophilic group can help our skin keep some moisture and protect from dry at room-temperature, and dissipate body heat and make our body cool in summer days. Besides, silk has strong warmth retention property. Its special fiber structure can prevent the heat dissipate in winter days.

3. Good acoustic absorption, dust absorption, and heat resistance. High voidage makes the real silk with good acoustic absorption, dust absorption. Except from making clothing, silk can also be made of carpet, curtain, and wall cloth, etc. The combustion temperature of silk is at 300℃~400℃, so it has good flame-retardant property.

4. Uvioresistant performance. The tryptophan and tyrosine in the silk fibroin have good uvioresistant performance. After absorbing ultraviolet rays, silk will have the chemical reaction, that’s why the silk is easy to be yellowing.

Chinese silk

The four great centers of Chinese silk

1.Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province

2.Suzhou in Jiangsu Province

3.Huzhou in Zhejiang Province

4.Shengze in Jiangsu Province

China Silk Museum

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