Komodo National Park

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One of Indonesia's greatest natural treasures, this national park, established in 1980, encompasses Komodo, Rinca, Padar, plenty of lesser islands and a rich marine ecosystem within its 1817 sq km (future plans may see it extended to 2321 sq km). Admission is 150,000Rp per person per day (225,000Rp on weekends and public holidays) and subsequent fees accrue from there: 25,000Rp to dive, 15,000Rp to snorkel and 250,000Rp for a guided walk for up to four people.

On Komodo, where the hiking is superb, treks range from flat 3km strolls to steep 10km hikes over peaks and into deep valleys. On Rinca, the terrain is scarcely less impressive, and walks of between 500m and 4km are offered. Arrange your trek upon registration. All guides speak some English and are very knowledgeable about the islands’ flora and fauna. You will see ora and should be glad of the guide's company (dragons are dangerous, and have attacked people).

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