The Pearl of North

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Dalian sits at the tip of the Liaodong peninsula with a population of five million people. It has two deep-water harbors: one military Lushun Port, and the commercial Dalian Port. Dalian Port Cruise Terminal is an important port of call on the Asia Pacific cruise.

Dalian is the most relaxed and livable city in Northeast China. In many parts of China, economic prosperity comes at the price of clean air and charm. Not so in Dalian, whose natural blessings are its biggest asset. Tree-lined, hilly streets, dotted colonial architectures, an impressive coastline with beaches, as well as its prosperous town, have made it being dubbed as the "Hong Kong of the North China".

1.Zhongshan Square

The square is one of the city centers of Dalian, a huge roundabout encircled by the grand buildings of mostly built in the early 1900s. It is teeming with restaurants and stores.

2.The Sightseeing Tower

Dalian Sightseeing Tower is a landmark building in Dalian, providing the highest and best view spot for Dalian City landscape.

3.Mounted Policewomen Training Base

Dalian Mounted Policewomen Training Base was set up in 1994, one of the earliest authorized team of its kind in the world. The training base is open to citizens and tourists. Every day from 9 to 10.30 am, one can appreciate their grace when young policewomen patrol the People’s Square.

4. Golden Stone Beach

It is located in the south of the Liaodong Peninsula, 50 kilometers away from the Dalian city, covering a land area of 62 square kilometers and a sea area of 58 square kilometers, with a coastline of 30 kilometers. It is famous for its geology landscape, and the stones here are in pink and golden which is quite rare in the world.

5. Beida Bridge

"Beida" literally means "North Grand". The north grand bridge is a 228-metre, three-span steel suspension bridge. North Grand Bridge is located in the beach scenic area with the spectacular view.

6. The Tigers Sculpture

This is the largest tiger group sculpture of granite stones perched on the Bird Singing Forest near the Tiger Beach Park.

7. Xinghai Square

"Xinghai" literally means "the Sea of Stars". Xinghai Square is dubbed the largest city square in Asia. It is located north of Xinghai Bay. Every year, the annual International Beer Festival will be held for 10 days from during late July and early-August.

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